Monday, October 22, 2007

Autumn Welcome!

Over the weekend I had some quiet time to listen to wonderful uplifting ministry on our Christian radio station and have a little fun with silk flowers. And, yes, for those of you with excellent memories, I was once again attacked by the hot glue gun and bear the fresh blisters to prove it!

My Historian got the two big bins of autumn decorations out of the deep recesses of the attic three weeks ago, and I was about to put them up a week or so ago, but wasn't happy with their bedraggled appearance! I decided it was time for change, so, I ripped them apart and 'refreshed' them!

Now, we are ready for some company!

Would you care to come in? Please watch your step!

Just inside the door, in our sun room/mudroom you can take off your coat and make yourself comfortable. I placed my 'copy' of an arrangement I saw last weekend on the old cherry table to your right! I hope you like it as much as I do. I had fun trying to re-create it within my means!

As you step up into the kitchen you'll find that
I've decorated my 'apron & herb' shelf for fall.
It needed a good dusting!

You'll likely smell the pumpkin scented candle I have burning today.
I used soy wax from Swan Creek Candle Company to make it, and I've really been enjoying it! I like to sit it on the stove since it's less likely to be bumped by energetic children there!

Do make yourself at home in the family room! I've decorated the mantle with pumpkins, leaves and birdhouses. If you are chilly we can start a fire.

Are you hungry? I've just pulled another batch of maple leaf shaped tea biscuits out of the oven and there is soup simmering on the stove. I enjoy making food fun for our family - even if it is just tea biscuits!

The Rooster Family will be looking over our shoulders as we eat,
but don't worry, they are quite tame!

I call this my '30 second' center piece! A tray, 3 candles, a bunch of buckeye and hickory nuts picked up from the ground, and a packages of paper leaves! What could be simpler? The children have re-arranged them a few times already! They have found the nuts to come in handy for math problems! Imagine that!

Have I shown you our 'prayer rocks'? We 'borrowed' the idea from Kelli at The Sparrows Nest who 'borrowed' it from someone else! That's what happens with good ideas! We were always loosing, or accidentally recycling our printed prayer list, so this is ideal. Mum found the cute container at Hobby Lobby and the river rocks are from the dollar store. We use a super fine sharpie marker to write the names on, and everyone picks 2 or 3 each meal to pray for. The children just love this and it is helping to develop their prayer life, as well as making them more sensitive to the needs of others.

Speaking of the children, their happy faces greet you at the front door.

I've added a vintage postcard and a few 'fall' touches to my 'favorite things' collection here. This old black dresser is quite the painted lady and lends itself to odd little curiosities. I love the old books, spectacles and gloves, and those shoe stretchers make me smile!

Well, thank you so much for stopping by! I'd love to show you more, but Blogger is having trouble just now, and this has taken way too much time to download as it is! I really enjoyed my time with you though, and I hope you did too!




  1. What pretty decorations! I have my fall decorations up too, I just haven't posted pictures yet. =) I might try to get a few things on sale this year, I got rid of a few of my decorations that looked a bit ratty, so I don't have that much now!

  2. Tammy - do you have a Hobby Lobby near by? They have some wonderful fall decorations and I think they are reasonable!

    I find that decorations are really hard to store - and they do get ratty. The bins work pretty well but some things don't fit, and some just get crushed. Our side door gets a lot of sun so my wreathes get very faded quickly, or else they get attacked by birds! One spring Mrs. Robin used all of the sparkly green tiki from my spring wreath in her nest - I think she liked adding a bit of color to her home just as mcuh as I do!

  3. It was so fun to see your lovely fall decorations and have a "tour" of your house!!!! Yes, we've been having lots of rain too.

  4. What a pretty post!! I LOVE your mantle!

    I am a homeschooler as well!

    I've enjoyed visiting your beautiful blog today!


  5. Your decorations are lovely and I love the prayer rocks, what a wonderful idea!

  6. Lovely--just lovely!!


  7. Beautiful decorations Heather. They look very fallish and lovely.

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments! I am so glad you enjoyed looking around! I have a few more pictures to try to download another time, but since I need sleep more than computer time, it will have to wait!

  9. Bunky said:
    What a gift you have for making a
    house a home. I especially love the neat items from yesteryear.
    Your Mum must be very proud of you.
    Thank you for the invitation into
    your warm refuge from the world out-side. Trust your family appreciates it and lets you know how special you are. Enjoy your favorite season, Fall!

  10. Thank you for stopping by for a visit Bunky - wish it could be in person! I'm glad you like my fall decorations! I miss you!

  11. What wonderful, warm fall decorations. They all display your imagination, and wonderful sense of making something out of little.
    Great Job ! ! !
    Wish we were there to enjoy first hand.

  12. i love the idea of the prayer rocks and it's something i'm going to "borrow" as well ... at the moment it's pretty hard getting sweetpea to sit still for prayer times but i'm thinking this may help (so long as she doesn't try to eat them ... do most toddlers have a fascination with putting rocks in their mouths? my nephew did). as she gets older this will help keep her concentration and give her something to do when we pray.

    the pics were beautiful =)


  13. Autumn..your home and decorating touches..beautiful.


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