Thursday, October 11, 2007

Edible History Lesson

The Historian is teaching the children's history course, naturally. They have been doing an in depth world history using The Mystery of History and they are loving it! They are both learning and retaining a lot of information at their father's knee - and both of them are passing their tests and doing well on their age appropriate assignments. This week's lesson on Joseph was especially exciting for our young son - and the project was quite tasty! The Storyteller and I made the bases of the Joseph's Coat Cookies this afternoon and then The Historian helped him decorate them! Colourfully! What a fun project for them both! I think he'll get an 'A+' on this project! Mmmm!

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  1. HOW cute!! We are also using Mystery of History but are now in volume 2. I'm guilty of not doing many of the hands-on projects and I see that this was a good one I missed!


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