Tuesday, October 30, 2007

One Last Blush

My pretty pink roses. In May they leafed out beautifully, but soon succumbed to mildew because of all the rain, and dropped all of their leaves. In June they leafed out again, and promised many blossoms though it was very dry , but in July they were viciously attacked by Japanese beetles, despite frequent dusting. In August there was just nothing left but pathetic stems, but in September, they once again began to leaf, only to be dried up again by the lack of rain and scorching heat. Now, finally, we are at the end of October and the plants are amazingly lush and green. Hiding under all that foliage I found a few brave blossoms and brought them in to grace my windowsill as we pull out the sweaters and turn on the heat! They are tiny, but full of hope! I think they are a beautiful reminder of God's mercies - continually renewed in our lives.


  1. mmm, yes--I feel the same as you about the roses--and I have experienced much of the same at our house!!

  2. Wow! I'm surprised you had any blooms at all! They are just beautiful!

  3. How very pretty! I have yet to plant roses in my beds, but I when I do, I plan on planting "Own Root Roses". Supposedly they bloom into December, even in Michigan, and are hardier against all the stuff that roses fight.

  4. Such a lovely shade of pink, Heather!
    P.s. I will have to tell my sister what the name Aiden means..hehee.

  5. Lovely... thanks for sharing! I have wild roses that bloom early.... this one is so pretty!
    Hilda Rebecca

  6. I'm glad I got this photo - the flowers faded quickly, but I'll have this to remind me that spring will come!


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