Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Flannelet Weather

For the past week we have been breaking temperature records set in the 1940's - for heat! We have had the a/c on to deal with the warmth and humidity, but today everything has changed! It is finally 'flannelet weather', and I am loving it!!! I put fresh sheets on the children's beds - soft, cozy flannelet, dried on the line!

When I tucked in the Storyteller he was so happy! He told me that his bed was 'fit for a king' and that he wants those sheets for the rest of fall - if he doesn't have an accident! I reminded him that we wash the sheets weekly, and that he'll have to be content with his other set of flannels for the in between! Hopefully we'll still have some nice 'hanging out' weather since there is nothing more delicious than sheets dried outside when there is a bit of crispness in the air! I think that is the scent they try to capture in those 'fresh linen' scented candles, but it can't compare to the real thing!

Now that it is cooler, I'm ready to fire up the oven to get baking some of those big fat cookies, and make some oven meals. The cooler weather tends to invigorate and inspire me - and I finally feel like decorating for fall! I am so thankful for the change in seasons, and fall is my very favorite! Many special things have made autumn precious to me, but two of my all time happiest occasions would be our wedding, 16 years ago this weekend, and the birth of our sweet Dreamer on October 1 ten years ago - our special autumn blessing! God has been so rich toward us in pouring out His blessing in our lives! I think we choose to celebrate both our Canadian and American Thanksgivings because we have so very much to be thankful for.

Time now to find a good book and get cozy! One of the blessings of this old house is that it tends to stay toasty even without the heat on as long as the day is sunny - we'll see how long we go without it! I think I smell a hint of wood smoke in the air - I may have to leave the window open a crack and enjoy the delicious fragrance! I do hope you are enjoying and appreciating the change of season in your corner of God's ever changing world!


  1. Yummy smells of line-dried, cozy flannelette sheets and pillow cases
    Yummy. (Oops - already said that)
    We too have cooled down a LOT. The furnace is on, and the house closed up.

    But I enjoyed 2 big handfulls of my wonderful golden everbearing rasberries today.

    Took some compost to the berry beds, to feed them over-winter, and started to cut back the glads, and day-lillies too. Brought in the last two stems of beautiful variegated orange/yellow glads to enjoy indoors.

    Looks like winter is ahead.

    Hum m m m m

  2. I am FREEZING here. It feels like we went from summer to winter. I'm not complaining about the cooler temps but their affect on my body. :)

    We, too, broke long standing heat records over the weekend and we may have frost tonight.

    Yes, time for curling up with a great book.

    (I use flannel sheets, too.)

  3. We are cold here too - I'm just ignoring it and telling the children that it is CRISP - no complaining allowed! What a drastic change!


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