Sunday, October 28, 2007


This morning at 1 am a dear friend went home to be with the Lord. Miss Barb was an inspiring example of how God can use a single woman to be an encouragement, blessing and support to thousands. For more years than I know, missionaries worldwide have received notes of encouragement, countless boxes of supplies, and financial gifts from Miss Barb. She was an enthusiastic supporter of our family as we served the church in Elmvale, and vital to the ministry of that fellowship. She will be missed by her family, her church family and so many others. We are praying for God's sweet comfort for Miss Barb's family.

The children have been praying faithfully since we heard she was not well just a few days ago. The news of her death was hard for them since it came so suddenly from their perspective. They had really wanted to hop in the car and make the 12 hour the trip to visit her. After a short time of weeping they recalled the verses that they have been learning about heaven and started to rejoice! They were wondering if Miss Barb had met with their GaGa yet (their Daddy's mother). They got along so well when GaGa came to visit us in Elmvale, so the children are quite sure they are going to have a sweet time praising the Lord together with the angels in heaven. They both loved to sing!

Thankfully, this day also brought some very happy news which blessed our hearts!

At 2 am this morning, a sweet baby girl named Elysha was born. She has some very special needs due to serious multiple heart defects discovered at her 20 week ultrasound. Here's what her Daddy reported today:

Saturday morning 2 AM, Elysha Elizabeth was born a little
over 5 lbs! Mother is resting (much needed...what a trooper!)
and Dad is about to follow Elysha to Sick Kids (transport tunnel). We now embark on another new phase of our family’s life.
Her oxygen levels were stable and the Dr’s kept commenting at how much she looked like her 3D photos (which we had ’proudly’ shown them earlier), they kept asking for them and holding them up to her.
Our AMAZING nurse got K. out of bed (not even an hour after giving birth ~ and still totally numb with the epidural) to
go see Elysha in the Intensive Care Unit. They took ’family’ photo’s of us with her! :) We’ll update with more details and photo’s soon.

This sweet family has a long road ahead with their very special first born blessing from God. They have many wonderful friends and family members praying for them, I know, but we are planning to pray too. That is just one of the wonderful benefits of belonging to the family of God - for though we have never met this young family, we know that God is well acquainted with their lives and is particularly interested in working everything out for their good and His glory, and in His perfect time.

We have the privilege of spending time in prayer for this precious wee baby and her family, knowing that the God of the universe truly hears our prayers. Not only is He able to change our hearts and deepen our faith as we pray, but we know from His Word He is amazingly affected by the petitions of believers. We look forward to seeing Him at work in the lives of all those who come in contact with this special little girl.


  1. I am sorry to hear about Miss Barb's passing, but was encouraged to hear of her life and testimony and service to Christ. And then for the birth of that precious baby. May the Lord bless that dear family and grant them grace for what lies ahead.
    A quote from Calvin that I heard today:
    "The bitterest afflictions in life can become sweet to us when we know they proceed from the Father's hand."
    This goes so well with what you have written.

  2. Thank you Heather - that just fits perfectly! As we were worshipping yesterday with our church family, we were reminded of Miss Barb's enthusiastic singing and wondered if she had joined the angel choir for her first heavenly Sabbath worship. It made us all 'misty' just a few minutes before my husband had to get up to preach the Word!


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