Friday, October 26, 2007

Snopes: The Golden Compass

I appreciate it when friends send out cautions about things that profoundly affect families, and I'm especially pleased when they take the time to check it out first and make sure it is valid and not simply an urban legend. I like Snopes and have found their information to be very helpful.

Tonight a friend sent this warning concerning the soon to be released Nicole Kidman film, 'The Golden Compass'. Thank you so much Mrs. B! Naturally, this will not be a movie that will pass our Family Protection Policy criteria.

If you find this information helpful, please spread the news. So many lies are so prettily packaged. It's good to be awake, aware and on the alert.

1 Peter 5:8-11
The Message

Keep a cool head. Stay alert. The Devil is poised to pounce, and would like nothing better than to catch you napping. Keep your guard up. You're not the only ones plunged into these hard times. It's the same with Christians all over the world. So keep a firm grip on the faith. The suffering won't last forever. It won't be long before this generous God who has great plans for us in Christ—eternal and glorious plans they are!—will have you put together and on your feet for good. He gets the last word; yes, he does.

NOTE: There are some 'Comments' here that may grab your interest. I got a bit wordy though with my reply, so be warned!

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  1. Hi Heather,

    Interesting, I posted about a movie today as well. :) Except from what I've read (mostly from Family Life Today) this movie is written by believers and has strong family values--life at conception, adoption, etc.

    Thanks for the heads up about this one.

  2. I heard something on the Catholic channel about this (I am not Catholic but sometimes listen to it---and they have communicated to James Dobson about it). The author of the books motive is to convince children of atheism. The first book apparently isn't too bad but by the time you get to the third book God is either dead or they want to kill him off--the movie has taken out the harmful stuff from what I have heard, but it will make kids want to read the books and they are very harmful from what I understand.

  3. Amen Heather.

    All my Christian friends in my address book (both of them - lol ) have got the warning.

  4. Thank you Heather for this warning I had no idea.

  5. Perhaps we ought not be so quick to stick our heads in the sand and avoid anything that dare attack Christianity. Perhaps a better approach would be to actually read the book with our children (the ones who are old enough to read and discern: I'm not suggesting handing this book to young kids) and then to discuss how lies can be packaged beautifully. I would take a older child/teen to see this movie. What a great discussion you could have. Philip Pulman is a great writer, and The Golden Compass is an absorbing, well-written story (I must admit that I was tired of the books by Book 3, but Book 1 was great). I just find it ironic that we make much of saying that we want our teenagers to grow up able to counter attacks on Christianity, but then we ourselves avoid actually interacting with those attacks. And attacks that are framed as good stories (as Pulman's are) are the most dangerous type. Our children need to see us model for them how to properly interact with attacks against the truth. Boycotting and avoiding such attacks does not accomplish that goal.

    I don't intend to attack your views or post on this topic. It's just that I've gotten too many emails on this topic ("You'll want to avoid this movie . . .") in the last week from Christians who seem overly eager to be my conscience and brain. And these are the same people who talk about teaching our kids to think critically. Hmmm. . . .

  6. Andrea C. thank you for your comments. I'm sorry you've had unpleasant e-mails from other Christians who are "overly eager to be my conscience and brain". I know I have been guilty of thinking that the choices we make for our family are 'right' and 'best' and passing them on to others as though they were gospel. I'm trying to outgrow that habit!

    In many respects I agree with your comments - you might be surprised to know! You said "Our children need to see us model for them how to properly interact with attacks against the truth." I agree with you - and our children, with their limited understanding, do share in our battle for truth. Our dinner table is a place of lively age appropriate discussion and we bring to bear the erroneous thinking of the world today in light of the Scriptural principles we seek to live.

    Just the other day we had a rousing discussion of the falsehood hidden in the prevelent sentiment of entitlement that the children encountered in a video they watched. So we are forming the foundation for critical thinking, for we too want our children to be well equipped for the world we live in.

    You might also see that while we made this choice for our young family - the children are 7 & 10, I did not attempt to be your 'conscience and brain' or tell you what to do, I simply shared what was brought to my attention and left the decision up to the readers.

    I also did not call for a boycott, however I do like your idea. Money talks so loudly in this country, and perhaps if there were no profit in this kind of purposeful deception of our children, there would be much less of it - however that is beside the point really.

    At this point in our children's lives, we are concentrating on learning the truth. Many counterfeit experts will tell you that in order to spot the counterfeit, you must be intimately familiar with the real thing. That is the stage we are at with our family - learning the truth inside and out so that when we are confronted with the lies of our adversary, they will be glaringly obvious - no matter how subtle they are.

    In doing so we often preface our statements with 'This is a Scriptural principle' or 'This is something we have chosen for our family - based on these thoughts from Scripture'. We try not to blur the line between what is universally applicable because of it clear authority in the Word, and what is a family choice, not to be universally applied.

    As far as supporting a film on the basis of 'great writing' and to enjoy 'an absorbing, well-written story' it still doesn't fit our criteria since well written lies are still just lies. In fact those are two of the reasons we don't want OUR children to see it - at their impressionable ages they will be sucked in - how can they help but be? I've seen the ads - it looks totally alluring.

    Some day down the road we might borrow this book or movie from the library if it becomes available. It will definiately go through the 'parent pre-view' that all our movies go through. We might take the time to take it apart with the children and see the lies within, but for what purpose? Are there not enough lies smacking us in the face daily without seeking them? Are there not enough opportunities to be sucked in by the oh so subtle twists of truth and lie that our adversary weaves to trip us up?

    For now, I think we'll keep our heads well out of the sand, but continue to guard the hearts and minds of our children. We'll find positive, lovely, good, honest, and inspiring was to entertain our family.

  7. "Ignorance is bliss"


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