Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Eyes!

This is our Dreamer - now 10 years old! Her gift this year was long awaited for - her first (and only) American Girl Doll - Kirsten! She was so pleased and excited. I am looking forward to sewing for this beautiful doll, but in the mean time, she has a lovely bed and a darling quilt from Poppa and Grammy, a bedside table, a sweet bonnet and recess coat, and her 'spoon' bag . Our Dreamer is quite happy - she still loves dolls and now she has Kirsten at her side all the time! I wonder if 'baby Lula' is a bit put out? She's had 7 years of loving, so hopefully she hasn't a jealous nature!

Of course, she has a real live doll in her little brother! What a monkey!


  1. Oh my daughter is very fond of the American Girl dolls ...she doesn't have Kirsten but loves her....the ones she has she plays with all the time, they are so well made and the books and stories that come along with them, just wonderful....may she have many many enjoyable times with her new doll......they really become close to them!

  2. I have fond memories of my American girl doll, Samantha. My older sister had Kirsten, and since then we have passed them on to our much younger sister. These dolls and the stories of their lives are a great way for a young girl to learn about history!


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