Sunday, October 14, 2007

Heart Full of Blessings

~ the fellowship of women who love the Lord and are studying His Word together
~ new help in the cleaning department
~ a thoroughly clean home and gleaming woodwork
~ the celebration of 16 years of marriage, thanks be to God
~ my husband, who loves me more today than he did on the day we said ‘I do’
~ a family field trip and the joyful exploration of our two delighted children
~ a taste of this and that at the chocolate factory
~ the final soccer game of the season
~ lunch with the coaches and other home schooling families
~ enough energy to go and cheer on the coaches as they played soccer
~ glorious sunshine and cool fall air
~ cozy warm sweaters and snuggles
~ Sunday morning worship
~ Sunday afternoon nap - a little longer today since it’s been quite a weekend!
~ supper out side in the glooming by candle and firelight
~ building precious memories
~ gooey, sticky, sweet and delicious s’mores with Hershey chocolate, if you please
~ lullaby’s and sweetly sleeping children


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  2. I was wondering if you could explain to me.... what is 'the glooming'? I have been meaning to look it up, as I have been reading George MacDonald again and have come across it... then to hear you use the term...I would rather have a definition from a person than the internet!
    Hilda Rebecca
    Following His Will

  3. Hilda - I am not entirely sure about this, but we think of it as the time after sunset when the sky is beginning to darken, but there is still enough light to see a bit. Twilight is another word we use. C.S. Lewis used it in the Narnia series too and the children have listened to them all, so they like to use that phrase. It can also be spelled 'gloaming' and it is old English. We like to sing a campfire song that uses 'in the gloaming, draw nearer ...'. I'm not sure if you can distinguish glooming from dusk, but we do - for us at dusk there is no light from the sun visable, and it is the darker part of twilight. I hope that answers you question!


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