Friday, September 28, 2007

The Reader's Digest Version

I'm not sure where this week has gone. We took two days off from school and still didn't get everything done! My mum has been a huge help, but we have been doing a lot of running around! Mum has been my driver for two weeks and we have been able to keep up with all of the children's weekly activities.

We went on a two hour drive to get my sewing machine back from repair last week and I still haven't done much more than a bit of mending! I have been trying to unbury my counter tops in the kitchen and have made good inroads into that chore, but it requires standing and that's not so good for my foot.

We are also in the throws of preparing for a 10th birthday celebration! I can't believe our Sweet Dreamer is turning 10 on Monday, but it is true! I have done a bit of shopping, but we also ordered a gift so that I would have to run around as much.

I finished my study homework and thoroughly enjoyed my Bible Study on Wednesday night and I have been pondering on one point especially - that God's measure of grace increases according to each one's need. It has been amazingly comforting and encouraging.

Our Dreamer has another new orthodontic appliance in her mouth as of yesterday, and it made eating really difficult for her yesterday, so we made pot roast and mashed potatoes for her tender mouth. Today she is back to normal - she even ate pizza for supper! She knows it will all be worth it - someday!

That brings us to today - Mum whipped through the house 'like a white tornado' and cleaned us up for the weekend, while I did a bit of kitchen work. I think I had the better end of the deal!

We are on tap to supply part of the lunch for the college student coaches who teach our children's homeschool soccer league on Saturdays. It is 'taco day' and our contribution is chopped onions, tomatoes and shredded cheese, so that is pretty much ready to go. We also made the 'desserts' for the 20 coaches. We made 2 big pans of brownies using Anna's recipe here - have you tried this simply to-die-for recipe yet? I also made my chewy oatmeal cookies and a big batch of snickerdoodles and I used the ice cream scoop to produce giant cookies so it went quickly! The Dreamer washed and polished 20 crisp Macintosh apples and I stamped some little 'thank you' tags - a 'sit down job' to please my mum! We added some autumn mix candy for color! I hope they like the end results, which are sitting pretty in a basket waiting for tomorrow's soccer game.

My dad came today to get Grammy - they are going home 'convoy' on Sunday since he just purchased a motorcycle and will be driving it home. It is still warm here, but I think he packed his long johns for the trip home because it is quite chilly up their way!

It is bed time but I have icing to smear over the cinnamon buns that made themselves in the bread machine this afternoon. That's tomorrow's breakfast! Grammy has got all the dozens of famous meatballs that simmered all afternoon into glass jars in the freezer for quick suppers when she is not here to help. We had pretty much emptied the freezer of my make-ahead meals in the 4 weeks of pain before she came, so it is nice to be putting yummy things back in the freezer for busy evenings. It was so good that the freezer was almost empty because it seems a wee girlie got herself a drink in the middle of the night this week and left the freezer drawer open all night - we lost all our ice cream and Popsicles and had to eat the partly thawed chicken right away, but not much else was lost - a blessing!

So now you know that there are two MORE things I am really not good at at all - staying off my fractured foot to let it heal and summarizing my week into a 'reader's digest version'! *Sigh*

I'm going to really really miss my mum when she is gone, but I'm grateful for the time we have had her here, and all of her wonderful help too! She even found my missing coupon organizer and I saved $58 on one grocery order this week - a happy feeling! As she says, I'm no good at staying off my foot even with her here!


  1. The pictures of the thankyou bags are lovely! I'm sure those soccer coaches really enjoyed them!
    It was good to hear about your last two weeks and all that has happened. It sounds like the Lord has taken care of you! I'll be thinking of you with your Mom gone now.

  2. Your thank you bags are beautiful, Heather! What a great idea! It sounds like you have had a busy and productive week. I know you have enjoyed having your mom there for a visit.

  3. Mums are just the best - even to us big girls :o)

  4. I don't know what I'd do without her!

  5. What lovely bags, and wonderful tags for them!!


  6. For someone who should be taking it easy you have been busy! I am glad that your mum has been around to help out. Your treat bags look adorable!


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