Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Lest you somehow have the impression that all is smooth sailing around our home, I must share this little story of woe. Yesterday afternoon a 100 year old footstool became a casualty of the Storyteller's imagination. How can a sweet little piece of furniture survive 100 years, but not our 7 year old son? It's simply this. He was imagining he was King Herod and that he was having the worst temper tantrum of his life because the Magi didn't tell him how to find the baby who would be King. He picked up the footstool and threw it down - and that is the end of a hand carved cherry wood footstool that has been in my husbands family forever. Sigh!

Were there tears? Oh yes! Was there discipline? Uh huh! Consequences? Of course! I think we have a little boy who will never throw a piece of furniture again - at least I hope so.

After our 'loving discipline' The Storyteller and I had a hug and he told me how sorry he was. We went on with the day. At bedtime I gave him another big hug and told him how much I loved him even though I wasn't happy with what he had done. He let out a big sigh and said, "I've been waiting to hear those words all day Mama!"


  1. What a reflection of God's love...

  2. Oh dear! No way to repair it?

    The last paragraph brought tears to my eyes.

  3. Oh my, did you cry when he said that? I got goosebumps, I guess cause I had a similar incident when my son was about that age. I lost most of the "Blue Willow" pottery I had been collecting since long before he was born. But he was safe and that was the important thing.

  4. Well, I had a few of those when my son was little. He never walked when he could run. It took years of training but he is a fine teenager. :)

    Truthfully, it is my husband that has broken more things in the last thirty-three years. He gets impatient. He is working on the fruit of the Spirit.

  5. Christina - we try always to make discipline a positive learning experience. Thank you for your insight. I hope it was!

    I am afraid that it is beyond repair, but we'll take it to an expert wood worker and find out. The wood is so old and dry and it just shattered - there's no other way to describe how it broke. I always say my boy just doesn't know his strength.

    I did cry a bit when he said that, Della - I made a funny sound I guess 'cause he caught me! I'm glad to know he's not the only boy to loose himslf in a story and accidently break things! At least it wasn't his own temper - just bad old King Herod's! This time!

    Brenda, I'm so glad to know moms like you who who have been through 'it all' and survived - beautifully! Where there is life there is hope!

  6. That would be sooo hard to lose an heirloom. But in the end there's no THING more important then relationships. It's hard to remember that in the heat of the moment. It sounds like you did though. What a sweet thing for your son to say.


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