Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Vacation Blog

I'm just quickly grabbing some computer time at the hotel - we are on vacation! Actually we are heading home from a long vacation weekend and have one more night close to home to stretch it out a bit!

We have just been up to Mackinac City, MI for the 50th annual Bridgewalk. It is a family tradition started by my mother in law 11 years ago and we are blessed to have the resources to carry it on! This year, I wasn't up to walking the Bridge, but some 100,000 other people had the pleasure, I guess! It was crazy - long long line ups and hours of waiting - it would have exhausted me! Just watching them wait exhausted me! The Historian felt that it just wouldn't be the same without me along to cheer them all on, and they all decided that they made the right choice when they heard the tales of 7 hour walk nightmares - it usually takes us 2 hours start to finish!

Instead, we had a leisurely time over breakfast and spent some time at Fort Michimilimackinaw and took in some excellent history - and some fun new 'historical' toys from the gift shoppe! It was a lot of fun. We have toured the fort before, but I think the kids will remember more this time - the guns and canon blast made a BIG impression!

We have stocked up on fudge, salt water taffy and Alice's Karamel Korn - no, I did not misspell that - Alice did back in 1951 when she went into business. We have eaten our fill of whitefish and played in Lake Huron ( Brrrrrrr!). We have discovered the fun of mini golf and enjoyed a new waterpark - along with an outdoor second story hot tub - too cool! We have more shells and wonderful rocks to take home to our collection too! We made watercolors and pencil drawings of the beach and took a few pictures. Whew! We packed that all into two days - it is any wonder that my husband thinks I need another day before heading home? He has a few more days off so we hope to get to some home chores too - and of course the mountain of laundry that comes with vacation time.

Our kids have discovered 'Animal Planet' - one of the perks of a hotel vacation is that they get to see a bit of t.v. while I get ready in the morning! They have been running a lot of 'Tribute to Steve Irwin' type shows and the kids have learned a lot more about crocodiles than I ever thought they would care to know! Who know t.v. could be so educational?

I'd better run for now! I look forward to being home and enjoying my own bed tomorrow night, and catching up with all of my favorite blogs! Lord willing! This family time is such a blessing though, and everyone needs a little vacation now and again! I am being very faithful with the Mannatech and I am no longer achy and sore all over - so that is such a blessing!

We watched glorious sunrises over the Straits and were blessed again to know the Creator of the universe took the time to display His wonders right before our eyes! Awesome! Truly!


  1. there was a piece on the local news tonight about the walk across the macinaw bridge. i remembered you talking about how much you loved that area and so i thought of you. how nice that although you weren't able to make the walk that you were there. it looked pretty interesting on tv.

  2. It certainly sounds like you are having a lovely time. I have never been to Michigan...but wouldn't it be fun!

  3. Sounds like you had a nice time! Do you live in Michigan, or were you just visiting? We've only gone across the bridge once, last June.

  4. I've been thinking about you Heather! I'm so glad that you didn't have to cross the bridge. It sounds like you all are having a really fun time!


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