Saturday, September 22, 2007

Round on the ends and hi in the middle!

Daddy and the children are off to see a real football game, live and in person thanks to a generous gift of tickets. There were four tickets and I would love to go, but there is no way I could manage the long car ride, the walking, the stair climbing, the stadium seating and the jumping up and down with excitement with this cumbersome cam walker - so I am at home having a quiet day! My husband searched for someone to give the spare ticket to, but no one was available, so the three of them set off on their adventure! It is a family first, and there is much excitement. They'll be sitting in enemy territory - on the visitors side - so they made sure to wear their colors. Can you tell who they are routing for?


  1. How fun!! They all look very excited!

  2. They were excited and they had a fabulous time - and they came home safe and sound, so we have much to be thankful for once again!


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