Monday, September 10, 2007

Beginning Again

This seems to be the week! Everything is beginning again for the school year and I am slightly overwhelmed! I haven't even had time to post our vacation pictures - ah, well! I am still longing for high-speed Internet so that the whole process is a bit more time efficient! It currently takes 15-20 minutes to upload a picture! This one of the firing of the muskets at Fort Michlimackinaw is the most dramatic. Very loud and impressive - and the smell of burning sulphur is not to be soon forgotten!

So here we are back now to AWANA, piano lessons, ballet, speech therapy, continuing with home school fall soccer league and of course, home school - that's a biggie!
We could also be going to the nature center for home school nature club, attend a weekly co-op, take part in home school art, join the home school gym group, sign up for horseback riding classes and take swimming lessons! I think that would be completely overwhelming! We may do some of these things some time, because they are good things to do, but we are not going to do them this semester.
We don't need to be running around everyday to get a well rounded education. We pick and choose our activities with our long term goal in mind - raising children who will one day be competent adults who live boldly and intentionally for the Lord in whatever walk of life God calls them to.
While there are a lot of great lessons to be learned in sports and other activities, we are trying to find a balance. For their sakes as well as mine. I don't want to so over schedule our family so that we have no time for spontaneous fun. I love that the Historian likes to take off on Saturday and explore our area - as a family. I love watching him read to the children before bed - hard to do if we are rushing in from an activity and hurrying them off to sleep so that they can be ready to hit the floor running for the next day!
We are out 2 evenings a week with this schedule, and that is enough for now. We guard our supper hour passionately - we sit and eat together - no T.V., no interruptions, no exceptions. The Historian arrives home a bit early on nights when we need to be out and then goes back to work later if necessary, rather then miss supper. We might have quiet music playing, but mostly we just talk and enjoy one another's company.
The big thing that I am learning (I hope!) about chronic illness these days is that making careful choices about how I spend my energy is vital to my health and my enjoyment of family life. When I push too hard, I crash. It isn't pretty.
I keep praying that God will show us the 'best thing' so that I can spend my days according to His will for our family's good and to bring glory to Him in all we do. For now, you can usually find us at home, knee deep in learning to be more like Jesus, with a bit of math, reading and history thrown in for good measure.


  1. I so agree with your ideas on keeping a balance! I was overwhelmed when we moved back from overseas with all the options for homeschoolers -- even for my young kids. I've had to say no to mostly everything and pick out so carefully the very few things to actually do. I think it benefits everyone not to be running around crazy! Our 5-year old is playing soccer this fall -- he is SO excited. That was his one extra-activity. I'm so happy for him.
    i hope you have a good week!

  2. I'm glad you're finding the balance Heather - I meet many homeschool parents who are rarely home - they go from one activity to the next! Just thinking about their schedule makes me tired!


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