Thursday, September 20, 2007

Abundantly Blessed

Mum went out yesterday to pick a few cherry tomatoes for lunch and found out just how abundantly blessed we have been this garden season. This is at least the 6th bowl full that have been picked from this one plant that 'volunteered' this spring. It was kind of late getting started so I side dressed it with a bunch of compost from our bins and with a lot of watering, we have been blessed with many to eat and many to give away!

I am so grateful for the love of gardening that I have inherited from my Poppa David. I have fond memories of watching him garden as a very young girl and later, as a teen I got to help out quite a bit. I once helped him transplant 500 tomato plants in his tiny rigged up greenhouse - he paid me $20 and Nanny made me a good lunch! I thought it was a fortune! He sold the plants at his yard sale, gave many away, and planted 20 of them in his own garden each year. I learned much from him, and I am glad to have not only the gardening knowledge, but also the heritage of faith, which has an eternal reward.

My Poppa David sang and hummed the great hymns of old as he puttered around the garden. I knew that he was enjoying caring for his little corner of creation and working hand in hand with God to make things grow. He would preach a bit to whoever was listening as he hoed out the weeds, drawing simple spiritual applications from his chores. I remember a particularly bad year for weeds and how hard we worked to get rid of them. A few bitter smelling weeds got away from his hoe and grew over a foot tall. He had me pull them and then drew my attention to the deep roots. He drew a word picture of bitterness and habitual sin and how easily that can take over a life, if not quickly 'cut down' with repentance and confession to God. He gave me much to think about in the garden, and I miss him.
My mum says that every time she eats one of my tomatoes she thinks of her Dad, my Poppa David. I think of him every time I plant, water, weed and harvest.
Last night in our Bible Study, I learned that Adam was to guard the garden of Eden - that's what the 'work and care for' instructions really meant in Genesis. That smooth tongued serpent never should have made it into the garden to destroy the relationship between God and man with sin. Since Adam fell down on his job, God sent he and Eve out of the Garden and placed His angels there to guard it. It makes me think a bit differently about gardening. I'm glad we are at the end of this season and just have bring in the last of the harvest and then put the garden to bed for the winter!


  1. Wonderful picture--have been in the process of cleaning out our garden this week and thinking about what should get planted next year. I think my love of gardening comes from my grandmother and from my father. There's something so wonderful in starting a small plant and watching it grow and bloom and produce fruit, vegetables, or flowers!!


  2. Yummy! I have been researching indoor container gardening, and I'm toying with the idea of a cherry tomato plant. (If it would survive my cat!) Blessings~


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