Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mum's The Word

Mum to the rescue! That's right!

We've kidnapped Grammy again and she is here to help for a couple of weeks. Hopefully by the time Dad comes to get her, I will be well on my way to mended and we will all be in better shape. I so appreciate her willingness to help and Dad's willingness to let her stay with us in our time of need. There were some tears this morning when Poppa left for North Bay all alone in the Grammy-mobile, but knowing that Grammy would be here for a while helped to cheer everyone up. Especially me!

Mum has lots of responsibilities and commitments at home and I know it isn't easy to give them up, so we appreciate her sacrifice on our behalf. She wasn't planning to stay on - they were on their way home from their yearly vacation to the Southern Gospel Quartet Convention. We may have to go thrifting to find some more weather approprite clothing for her - that won't be a hardship!

I took my elastic wrap and soft cast off tonight and really soaked my pale shriveled foot - it felt sooooo good. Smells better too! I was wanting a long hot bath but I'm not sure how to 'hop' up in and out of the tub without breaking my neck or some other vital part, so I'll be content with a long shower tomorrow - without having to waterproof the cast! I'll be ready for the application of another soft cast at my appointment in the morning - though I must say, I don't look forward to that part! One week down, five to go! This is the first day without the burning pain, so I am feeling very blessed. It is also day 15 with no liver pain! Could the Mannatech be working? I hope so!

In other news, I am really pleased with The Dreamer's new piano teacher - she is excellent! She is a detail person and is asking the Dreamer to clean up her bad habits - better attention to the notes and timing! She will be good for our sweet girl, I think!

Have you ever bought Euro Shams by mistake and took 6 months to find the right size pillows to stuff into them? I did! Now the search is over - Kohl's had them on sale for $10 and I can finally use my shams! Too funny!

I never like shopping, but I must say, it is even more hatefull when your Mum has you confined to a wheelchair! I now know why most people I see in those store wheelchairs look pained - it isn't just their injury, their wounded dignity or their inability to control their own destination - those chairs are torture racks!!! Honestly - if stores want mobility challenged shoppers to stay for a while and spend a bit of green, they need to upgrade those wheels!!! Just my opinion of course - not a whine or complaint of course!

I did get my homework done for the first week of Bible Study - Beth Moore was right to say we would be doing a lot of reading with this one! Good thing reading and sitting go hand in hand for me right now. Perhaps I have a hope of actually finishing most of the homework for this study.

I am too tired to keep typing, and spell check isn't working, so please forgive my errors for they are many!

Thank you all for your kind words and prayer support!


  1. Yeah for your Mum! I'm glad to hear that you're feeling a bit better, and it's so nice your mum is there to help you out!

  2. How nice of your Mom to come and spend some time! I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. :) Blessings ~

  3. I'm so glad your mom is there! That is certainly an answer to prayer!

  4. I'm so glad that your mom is here to help with things, Heather! Yay!! I will pray the next 5 weeks go by quickly!

  5. My Mum is pretty wonderful, I think!


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