Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Saving the planet ...

one paper napkin at a time. Yes, that's right! On our vacation our children watched Animal Planet - a rare treat since we don't watch t.v. at home. They were impressed by the R.O.A.R. commercials and determined to try to make a difference in our little corner of creation.

They had a bit of a hard time coming up with a way we could make a change that would impact nature, since we are already doing some things to care for God's creation.

Currently we feed the birds, we offered sanctuary to a starving kitty, now a wayward cat, and we even feed the squirrels - a vain attempt to keep them from stealing my tulip bulbs! We recycle as much glass, paper, cardboard and plastic as the county will take. We garden organically, eat organically, and avoid packaged foods. We turn off lights, dispose of batteries at the drop off, don't buy aerosol products and take our plastic bags to be recycled. We use cloth bags at the stores that will allow them. We donate to the nature center and have even tried to rescue a squirrel with a broken spine -but he didn't make it. We use non-petroleum based soaps and many homemade cleaners. We compost all our veggie scraps and use very little paper towel but we are paper napkin crazy - as in, it's crazy how many we go through during a meal!

No longer! We have recently converted to fabric napkins! Pieces of soft heavy cotton cut in 18 inch squares, machine hemmed on all four sides - as simple as that! So far we have 16, but I can see I'll be making some more as soon as my sewing machine comes home from the repair shop. I'm guessing 24-30 might be good.

So far we are washing them, hanging them to dry or drying them in the dryer and just folding them, but the desire to iron them is great since I hate rumply. I'm thinking this will be a good place to start with 'ironing basics' for Dreamer.

If I were a betting woman, I'd say this may not last more than a month or two, but we'll see. We're not sure how else to 'save the planet' right now, though the kids have noticed that the only non-energy star compliant appliance in the house is the ancient hot water heater. I heard the kids 'plotting' in the laundry room the other day - something about helping the old water heater to die a little quicker by taking extra long showers! They were giving the old heater hateful glares and letting it know it's days are numbered!

It's a very small step for the planet, but at least we are trying. I'd love to know what you are doing to 'conserve creation' with your children.

"The earth is the Lord's
and everything in it."
Psalm 24:1a


  1. Wow, you do a lot. I recycle in a limited way, but I really should do more. LOL @ your kids thinking of killing the water heater!

  2. I caught them in the laundry room again today contemplating it's demise! "How old is it any ways?" and "How long do these stupid things last?" "I know a bit about these things and it's going to die any day now." Too funny!


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