Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dinner for 22

As I mentioned yesterday, we are having 22 for dinner Sunday night. It is part of our small church family's attempt to do better at building loving relationships within the congregation and to reach out to those who are loosely connected with the church family, but not regularly attending. Various families were 'identified' back in the spring time as families that would be possibly willing to exercise their hospitality gifts by inviting families to their home for a simple meal and time of fellowship. Surprisingly, our family was honored to be one of the ones asked to host a gathering of families. We prayed about it and then agreed. It was up to us to set the time and date, but the guests were prayerfully chosen by the church health team. The goal was to have these meals during the summer months, with the deadline being Labor Day. Well, we are just squeaking ours in aren't we??? They don't call me the 'Queen of Procrastination' for nothing!

Actually, I'm not that bad - really! Since our Pastor and wife attend the dinners and facilitate the informal fellowship afterwards, we needed to work with their schedule, as well as the schedules of the guests, and our family schedule as well. It wasn't easy to come up with a mutually acceptable date, but this one worked for everyone, so we have been looking forward to it for a while.

You'd think with all of the time we had to plan, I'd have had the menu set weeks ago, but I didn't. In fact, I had several menu ideas floating around and it took talking with my dear sweet Mum today to pin it down. Keeping in mind that we are to keep it simple and stress free, here is what we have come up with.

Fellowship Dinner for 22
Sunday, August 23rd

Raspberry Iced Tea
Pink Lemonade
Coffee or Hot Tea

Sunday Dinner Rolls - double batch
butter pats

Pickle and Olive Tray
Veggie Tray with Dilly Dip

Salad #1 (brought by guest family)
Salad #2 (brought by guest family)
Baked Beans (double batch in Crock pot)
Scalloped Potatoes
Brown Sugar Glazed Ham (two)

Fresh Fruit Salad
Mini Cup Cakes
Butter Tarts

Homemade After Dinner Mints

We are praying that this meal and fellowship time is a blessing to all who attend! We are also praying for nice weather since we are hoping to serve buffet style and send some out to the patio table to sit! Our kitchen just won't hold 22 for a sit down meal, and we don't have a dining room, but we will just get creative if we need too - we might just clear out the family room and haul a table in there if it rains. I'm sure it will all work out. Where God leads, He provides!

Grammy this picture of the Storyteller is just for you!
I caught him lounging in the sun room and watching the butterflies in the herb garden.
He was trying to hold his breath until you come for your fall visit!
Don't worry, I finally convinced him that it wouldn't work!

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  1. Storey Teller looks ready to burst!!
    I am so glad you caught him before he turned blue or dizzy at the least!
    What an imaginative boy to think that by holding is breath his Grammy would come......if only life were that simple.
    Believe me, she is just as anxious to see him as he is her!
    Tell him she loves and misses him...and his sister very much!

  2. Bunky said:
    p.s. to my anonymous note....glad you have your menu in mind. For me, deciding what to serve is the hardest part. There are so many great foods we can serve.
    Your menu sounds absolutely delicious. I'll be thinking of you as you prepare. "The Lord is the strength of your life"!

  3. Your menu looks great! I do hope that everything goes well! 22 is a big group! The next 3 days are full of company for us -- several different sets, but not more than 3 at a time. :)

    I'm freezing 25 pounds of raspberries at the moment! (Can make jam later)

  4. Hello there,
    just been enjoying your last few posts. I love the idea of you reaching out to Church members, and the fact that the Pastor and his wife will attend too. Very important. You just don't know what conversations will start on the day and what trust you will be beginning to build up? Wish I were invited, I just love everything on your menu!

    As for the crab apple. Go to your neighbour and promise that if they allow you to have some apples, that you will bake them a pie... fair swap!

    Love the photo of the storyteller. Those moments are just what keeps us going in this fallen world. I also like the psalm for T. Hope he learns it. My son Sean is finishing Job, his favourite book in the Bible. I just started reading the Bible from the start with him. I realised last week that we haven't done that yet, read it through with him. I'm looking forwards to it.


  5. I'm sure that your pastor, his wife, and the church health team have already thought of this, but not just families should be invited. Singles after a certain age have a very very hard time fitting in. It's like pretty much most churches haven't a clue what to do with us since we aren't a "family", we aren't young adults, or newly weds, or families with young children, or youth etc etc etc .... This can make Sunday a very very lonely day to go to church and see all the families and then go home ... alone.

  6. Wow, the menu sounds delicious----can I come to dinner too?
    I hope all goes well for you and that the weather is as perfect as your menu!

  7. Thank you all for your kind encouragements - we are really looking forward to this fellowship time.

    Sea Dreamer - the few singles we have in our church family were included in the fellowship times. One of our singles was a hostess, and she included other singles in her gathering as well as couples. We were not assigned any singles this time around - they would have been most welcome, for sure!

    Joy - we would be happy to squeeze you in at our table - however, I'm afraid it would be a really long drive for you!

  8. The families are going to be so blessed by your hospitality and hard work, Heather! Your menu sounds delicious!

  9. That picture made me laugh! Hope Frammy comes to visit soon!
    Thanks for the visit and your kind comments.


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