Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Passing on kindness

Jen from Reflections in the Window has very thoughtfully presented me with not one, but two awards! Thank you so very much Jen! You are too kind!

It is always such an encouragement to me to see that others are reading and enjoying my blog, though I often wonder why! It's just such a mishmash of this and that - a little about my faith in God, a lot about homekeeping and my crazy crafty past times, smiles from our daily family life, and a few recipes thrown in! It surprises me that anyone other then my family would want to take the time to read my ramblings, but it also makes me smile!

As Jen and others have done, it is only proper to pass these awards along too! The only problem is, I have so many favorites, and most have already received these kind awards from others. So, please don't be hurt or annoyed, but I'm going to pick just one friend to pass these along to, because she is very deserving, and I have searched her blog and found - I can't even imagine - that she has not yet received these kindnesses! Or, if she has, she has been too modest to post her awards!

So, Heather L - my sweet friend from Blackberry Rambles, I am pleased to pass along these thoughtful awards to you! Heather is a pastor's wife, homeschooling momma to four sweet children and an avid foodie, knitter, sewer and lover of God's beautiful creation - plus she has an amazing knack of finding berries to pick! You'll find out more about her when you visit her blog to congratulate her on her new awards!

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  1. Oh Heather, how do you make rhubarb tea? I just KNOW I would love it! And especially with LAVENDER honey!!! Please share!!!!



  2. I bought it just as it is - loose black tea with lots of wee bits of lovely freeze dried rhubarb in it - it is so fragrant and delicious! Our bulk store sells it under the name 'rhubarb cream' and it is my current favorite. I don't think it is all natural, but it is so pleasing!

    The lavender honey was just a bit I selfishly had hidden from our sweet honey slurping offspring - I bought raw honey and warmed it, poured it over fresh lavender and let it sit for a few days. After I strained it, I squirreled it away, and just enjoyed the last bit in my tea last week! I'll have to make some more! I think they would like it too, but the first tiny batch was just a 'try it and see' for me.

  3. Congratulations on your award, Heather! I love visiting your blog. You are a sweet friend.

  4. Congratulations!

    As you know, that is what I usually do.

    I have so many favorite blogs that I think of the one blogger at the moment who is especially deserving at that time.

    Otherwise I'd be spending days and days writing down all the blogs I love (like yours).

  5. It seems that so many of your favourite blogs are mine too and in my favourites list in my computer: along with yours of course.

  6. Thanks Heather! That was so kind of you. :) I'm so anxious to hear how your dinner went last Sunday -- I'm madly reading your recent entries until I get there. :) I did manage to stay away from the blogs during our vacation at home. :) Now I have to catch up!


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