Monday, August 4, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I am so enjoying participating in Peggy's Simple Woman's Daybook.
It's a great way to start the week with a focus.

For Today
Monday, August 4, 2008

Outside My Window...
It was very sunny a few minutes ago, but now it is dull.
We don't anticipate rain, so I will still hang out the wash to dry today.

I am thinking...
That I am very very happy to have my family all home safely again.
The children are so brown and healthy looking
- I am quite sure they grew in the fresh Northern air.

I am thankful for...
Safe traveling for The Historian and children, Dad and Mum and Mrs.M and I
- we were all on the road in different places and no incidents!
I'm also very thankful for a fresh new week.

I am praying for ...
an easy transition back into our summer time routine.
I'm still praying for patience and also about a wrong attitude I am struggling to shed.
Our grieving families continue to be on my heart.

From the kitchen...
I really enjoyed my cooking day on Wednesday using some some recipes from
'Don't Panic, Dinner's in the Freezer' and some of our old favorites.
We are already enjoying the fruits of my labor.
This week I hope to get some more fruit in the freezer - specifically, peaches.
I also hope to can some of the tomatoes that are coming on strong in the garden.

I am wearing...
Another chocolate brown skirt day - this time with a very soft matching brown t-shirt.
My feet are bare and my hair is up. It's supposed to be another warm day here.

I am creating...
a massive 'to do' list - trying to plan some fun activities to keep the children busy
and make the most of our last 'official' month of summer.
I also hope to figure out how to put some moss on Styrofoam balls
to place in my new bargain urns.
And more tassels - they are just too fun!

I am going...
to stay home today and pick green beans, tomatoes and cucumbers.
I'll be getting the laundry out on the line soon.
I have some pretty things from Garden Ridge to find homes for in my home!

I am reading...
I didn't get my book finished last week - there is too much good in there to rush it or to try to absorb it with a tired brain. I am almost finished and hope to write my review this week!
I was asked by a real author to review her book! The book is called
From Clutter to Clarity: Simplifying Life from the Inside Out
written by Nancy Twigg.

I am hoping...
that my laundry doesn't get rained upon!
It's not looking too promising!

I am hearing...
Happy children playing nicely together
and the sound of the washing machine finishing up it's cycle for my third load.

Around the house...
When the children came in they just dumped everything here and there!
The house was very clean, but now it is looking untidy.
We need to find a home for all of their treasures from North Bay!

One of my favorite things...
the blessings of friendship

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:

  • recovering the piano bench with pretty green jacquard
  • Finishing Nancy Twigg's great book and writing up my review!
  • back to piano lessons and an orthodontic appointment for Dreamer
  • organizing some more home school materials for the fall
  • work in the garden
  • food prep for the winter and some more freezer meals
  • painting projects, sewing projects
  • continuing the search for a bigger bookcase for Dreamer's room
  • look for some furniture for our side porch makeover
  • still waiting to hear from Immigration

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

My sister asked me to make her some tassels for her family room
in cranberry and blue - I hope she likes them!
They look nice on my kitchen cabinets, but don't go with the rest of the kitchen
... or I might have been tempted to keep them!

Thank you for reading my daybook!

Be sure to visit Peggy to read more Daybooks!
There are many others participating in The Simple Woman's Daybook!

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  1. We used to hang clothes out on the line as kids, I wish i had pictures of them, We liked it when it rained on them and then brought them in to dry around the wood heater, some of them turned out soft and some had to be ironed. and dnow i just stick them in the dryer!! What a spoiled generation we are!!

  2. Okay, idea time. I love the freezer dinner idea, but I'm not going to do it anytime soon, but I bought a new cookbook, lazy day cookin' and it's great...lots of ideas I haven't thought of before, AND if doubled in a BIG crockpot..could be frozen and reheated at another time. Just a thought.

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog. Looks like I am following kadezmom around and visiting everyone! I am staying in the a/c and checking out everyones daybook entry,
    I looked at your crafty and sewing photos your a busy lady.
    I love the tassels. And your chair redo was great.
    I hope your laundry stays dry.
    Have a Blessed Day.

  4. I'm so glad your family is back together again! I hope you are having a wonderful week. The tassels are beautiful!


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