Sunday, August 3, 2008

They are on their way!

I'm getting my family back today - Lord willing! Our time of quiet is coming to a close, and we will resume a more normal pace of life. I have enjoyed the freedom to do things I enjoy uninterrupted and on a whim, but I have really missed the children! It has been fun to pack 10 years worth of dates with The Historian into two weeks - and to just spend time with my husband one on one. I think we need to plan for that more often. The Historian went alone to pick up the children since Homeland Security in California doesn't seem to be moving any more rapidly on my paperwork then any of the other offices my well traveled file has sojourned! I've almost given up with being patient, but since wait we must, wait we will!

The reluctant 'exchange' occurred least night at supper time in Cambridge, Ontario and now the Historian and children are headed home! I say 'reluctant' because the children were not ready to give up the thorough and complete spoiling of their Poppa and Grammy and leave the land of sunshine and sparkling water for our significantly drier farm country. Grammy and Poppa were quite sure they could do with another week of our children, though Grammy is especially tired out. There were many many tears. Living far from those you love is rarely easy.

I need to go start some supper for the travelers, but first I wanted to share yesterday's adventure!

I could have had a very quite lonesome sort of day without my family, but instead I spent the day with Mrs. M!!! What fun we had together bargain hunting in a store we had never been to before. When I read about the great finds The Nester uncovered at Garden Ridge in this post is made me curious, and I did a little searching. It turns out there are 4 Garden Ridge stores in my state, and one just a smidge over an hour drive from my front door. I talked to Mrs. M. because she is the ultimate shopper and once resided in this fair city, but she had never heard of Garden Ridge. We made a date, printed out a map and set off yesterday, hoping it was worth the gas $$$...

Well! We walked in and we were floored! If there was one beautiful pot, there were 200, if there was one beautiful rug, there were 200, if there was one ..... I think you get the idea! Too. Much. Fun!!! We did the outer rim of the store, made a few purchases, which were not marked 'on sale' but rang up 1/2 price - and then we went for lunch. Can you guess where? Just a hint ... they sell bagels and cream cheese!

Did you guess Panara Bread? We actually enjoyed their yummy poppyseed summer salad and home style lemonade, and it was very needed. It gave us the strength to GO BACK to Garden Ridge and do the inner isles!

We didn't leave until almost 6 pm. Talk about power shopping! We were quite the team, and in the end we both decided that Garden Ridge is out new favorite store. Hands down!

I'll try to' show and tell' my finds when I have then placed in our home, but for now, the Historian and our children are on their way! I need to make some supper!

I'm one very happy Mommy! I'm really looking forward to sleeping well tonight with all my favorite people right where they ought to be!

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  1. Alas, no Garden Ridge in my state. I am glad your kiddos are coming home.

  2. Wow! Sounds like a fun day! We have Garden Ridge stores here, but I haven't been in a while... hmmm....

    It's so nice that your children had a wonderful time during their visit! We used to spend the summers with my grandparents, and those are far and away some of the best memories I have. Oh so special!!


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