Tuesday, April 1, 2008

(well) spent ...

We are home from our brief time away - and we are all tired. The Historian had to go to work today, but the rest of the family is just quietly at home. Blowing noses. Drinking tea and hot chocolate. My cold seems to have traveled to my chest, the Storyteller is all stuffed up and our Dreamer is coughing ... again. We are a sorry lot!

We enjoyed our time away - however brief! Our overnight was fine - except that the hotel had no HGTV - a great great loss, to be sure! The children loved the pool time! We got to our interview on time and had no problems with security. We had to swear an oath to tell the truth, which is funny because we really didn't have to say much at all - but we did tell the truth, of course! Our interview wasn't too painful, except that we are beginning with a new form, and another fee - $1000, and more wait time. Oh joy. I am still not able to travel out of the U.S. (with any assurance that I will get back in again) - but we should get some written confirmation of our case status, which may or may not allow me to renew my U.S. driver's license - before it is so overdue that I am required to go through the whole re-licensing process again.

If it all sounds a bit confusing, we are confused too - we're not sure what happened or who dropped the ball with our case, but the really good news is that there on the Agent's desk was OUR CASE FILE!!!!!! Yeah!!! All 25 pounds of paperwork! It wasn't lost after all - but it looks battered and worn, and on the outside are rubber stamps (unreadable) and there is red marker scratchings of 'old case' 'closed' and 're-opened'. Go figure. We've just been waiting around and our file looks like it's been around the world and back again - it has more stamps and scribbles then my passport!

The highlight of our trip was The Creation Museum - can I just say WOW??? We were there for 5 1/2 hours and enjoyed every minute. It was terrific - so well done! We were prepared for the price, which seemed at first to be high, but I can really say it was well worth it. It is so professionally prepared and amazingly well done - and they are not finished yet! We were not prepared for the size of the museum, nor for how diverse and well thought out the displays are. It is all so clearly evidenced and supported - and lifelike! They have made excellent use of technology and the graphics are very verywell done. There are plenty of places to sit and lots of reading to do. The planetarium was awe inspiring and everything was so well researched and explained. We loved the live animals, the archeology dig, the Garden of Eden, the Dinosaurs, the Ark, and Noah's Cafe. We learned Seven C’s of History, and even took a test to see what we had learned. We got a much better understanding of devastation of the flood, it's world altering effects, the scale of the Ark and the resources needed to build it. We met Methuselah! Boy, does he ever have big feet! Around every corner there was something more to see and be amazed with!

There were hands on activities for the children - with more to come as the displays 'evolve'! We smiled at the 'THOU SHALT NOT TOUCH - please" signs and riding on a dinosaur was a treat! We even had our picture taken - looking scared stiff as if we were being chased by T-Rex! The "Last Adam" Theater is an excellent place to bring it all into perspective - and be confronted with a personal need for Christ. The restrooms are clean, easily accessed and attractive. All it all, it was a great day - and even though we were there for much longer than we usually spend at a museum, we didn't see everything, and will most definitely go back. The kids got a kick out of being in three States in one day - and we were not even very far away from home.

Today we are so very tired - a good day for writing our 'Field Trip Reports' and doing some quiet things. Our Storyteller made a sky picture to show what he learned at the planetarium. It's good to be home - hopefully we will all be feeling better soon! Warm weather is coming, and we need to be healthy to get out and enjoy it! These cold germs have hung around quite long enough, don't you think?

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  1. Welcome back! these devilish flu bugs MUST be gone soon! Glad to hear you had an enjoyable time! Will keep you in my prayers with the whole license mess!! this too shall pass???

    Take Care

  2. Glad you had a good trip, although I wish they had been able to give you more definite answers or get closer to finishing your case! The museum sounds terrific! Maybe someday we'll get there.

  3. hope you feel better soon. I have a couple sickie kids myself!! The Creation Museum sounds so cool, I would love to go there!

  4. Welcome back, Heather! I'm so glad your case file was found, what a wonderful answer to prayer!

    I saw your question about the sparkly letters. I found them at a small local scrapbooking store and I don't want to say how much I paid for them. ;0) No really, they were $5.25 for a box of approx. 59 letters. I thought I saw some at Michaels also, but I'm not sure. I would be happy to pick up a box for you, just let me know!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all!!! And I am sure the Creation Museum was so wonderful!! Mr. U and I keep talking about planning a trip up there and I can't wait!!

    Mrs. U

  6. My husband, son and I would love to go to the museum! I am glad to hear it is as good as we hoped it would be!


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