Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Please, be careful what you say about me!

The Storyteller as 'Henry the Tooth Fairy'

There are some embarrassments that take days to live down - this may be one of them! Our Storyteller has taken it upon himself to let 'the world' know that I am now taking Mannatech ... only it doesn't come out quite like that!

At the grocery store yesterday ....

The Stoyteller and Dreamer are in competiton to hurl the groceries on to the belt in helter skelter order and with great force. Not their best moment.

Optimistic Clerk: "You're being a great help to your Mommy!"

Storyteller: "She hasn't been feelin' too well and I thought I'd better help out. We've been so naughty already that we've lost all of our privileges today. I'm trying to make restitution."

Clerk: " Well, that's good I guess. I'm sorry your Mommy hasn't been feeling well."

Storyteller: "Momma's taking MAN ATTACK now, so I think she'll be feeling a lot better soon - we're praying it's going to help her."

Clerk (with astonished look and raised eyebrows): "MMmmmm ..... Well, that's good I guess?"

Momma: "I am taking MannaTECH - it's a nutritional supplement to help with my overall health." (tomato red kind of blushing going on)

It was just one of those times when I prayed for a hasty exit or at least the floor opening up to swallow me! I didn't even look around to see how many other customers where snickering at our little conversation, but considering that The Storyteller only has one volume - loud - I can just imagine!

Mum was so right when she said that children are sent to keep you humble!

On a more upbeat note, I was so grateful to learn today that others have experienced these kinds of flu-like symptoms as the mannatech cleansing process begins - I hope this means that it's working, and I pray the aches are gone completely soon.

Are you smiling yet?


  1. Man Attack. Hilarious!

  2. LOL That's too funny!

  3. Thats my boy ! ! !

  4. Man Attack! That is too funny! I would have been tomato red too!


    P.s. I don't mind you sharing my morning glory pictures with your neighbor at all! He sounds like a sweetie!

  5. OH DEAR! I've heard Man Attacks can be fatal LOL!!!!! that is hysterical!

  6. While on vacation he has told at least 4 waitresses I have to take my 'Man - Attack' before my meal - too funny! He'll get it right soon I'm sure!

  7. Oh, that's too funny! The tears are spurting out of my eyes. I had to go and tell P, too.


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