Monday, July 16, 2007

The Tea-Bag’s Tale

I began life in the most ordinary way really. Woven together on a large loom in a noisy, dusty factory; I was made for a purpose. I was loosely woven, of coarse cotton, made especially to absorb and to not carry lint. I was then washed, sized and pressed before I made my way to the printing room. Four wonderful dyes carefully applied to my length in a fun and fruity pattern - red, blue, yellow and green, all working together to make me bright and homey. I was sold in the yard goods department at Woolworth‘s - quite cheaply in fact, as ‘unfinished tea toweling‘. The woman who bought me was attracted to my bright pattern and durability.

It wasn’t long before my colors were set in a salt water bath, I was dried, pressed, cut and hemmed - then put into service in the kitchen. I dried many a sink full of dishes , and even more hardworking hands. At first I was used mostly for Sunday and when we entertained, for I was a bright spot in the otherwise humble kitchen. I was hung carefully on the oven door and all could see my brightness. I was washed often and carefully hung to dry. I was ironed and returned to the linen drawer for future use.

As I became faded, I was used more often, though my tasks were not always as pleasant. I was used to dry out the turkey at Christmas, and to cover the bread while it rose. I was used to mop up spills and even to cover more delicate fabrics as they were being pressed. Then one day, I was ruined by a big splotch of dark blue that would not come out. I was washed and then relegated to the bottom of the linen drawer, rarely used.

By and by a young girl took a fancy to me, and I was sent home with her. I was placed in her drawer, and eventually in her hope chest. She didn’t seem to mind the blue stain. After she married, I was often used, for there were few other towels in the drawer to choose from. I was hung carefully once again on the oven door, my dark stain hidden.
With each washing, my dark stain faded, and for many years I was a favorite for I spoke to the young woman of days gone by. During one moving time I was carefully placed back in that old cedar chest and forgotten for many years. Spring cleaning brought me to light once more and my owner wondered if there was some more useful purpose I could now serve. She set me aside on her sewing table.

A careful washing and pressing, and then I was cut once again, this time into many pieces, but no pattern was used. My blue stain was discarded and only the good parts of me remained. A bit of a pocket, a snap, and some handles all worked out of my best. I was sewn together with care, given a bright lining with more pockets, zippers and snaps! A touch of rick rack, a bright bow, some whimsical strawberries and now I have a new purpose. I will hold keys, sunglasses, a wallet, a comb, cell phone, lotion, Kleenex, a pen or five, and hand wipes.

I do not know just how long I will serve my strange new purpose, but I will do my duty with a bit of classic kitschy style. It will be nice to get out of the kitchen! I think we shall have good times together, my maker and I.


  1. Very cute bag and I love the story.

    Love, Heather P.

  2. How cute!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a sweet story and a cute bag!

  4. Your bag is so pretty, Heather and I loved the little sweet!


  5. How adorable!! Very creative and cute.

  6. I love this story and love the bag even more. What a great job.

  7. What an adorable story!! And an even MORE adorable bag!!!

    Mrs. U

  8. You are quite crafty...and a creative storyteller! I've been away from the computer visiting family for a week or so. I enjoyed catching up with what's been happening at your place. The patio cushions are so pretty! And I'm glad that your hospitality was well received and enjoyed by all. :)



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