Friday, July 6, 2007

Before & After

Sometimes a glimpse at the 'before' can really help you appreciate the 'after' much more! This is what the bathroom looked like after a thorough cleaning when we moved here - two shades of peeling pumpkin orange paint covered a mess of mold and a 'quick fix' grouting job covered up the fact that the tile was falling off the wall. There was no door and the ceramic tiles were popping off the floor. Do you see the strange hand-held shower sticking out of the wall - it leaked in between the walls and was a mess! The gold finish was coming off the faucets and the shower surround. It's funny now, but I actually got stuck in that shower - more than once! The door would not open and once we were late for our homeschool art class - quite embarrassing! I had to break it down! The mold quickly resurfaced after a few weeks here and we have battled it for over 2 years - now we have a beautiful 'new from the studs out' bathroom!
Happy am I!
I promise - this is the end of the bathroom saga! Honestly!


  1. Oh, it's too bad that everything was "covered up". Reminds me of the verse, "Be sure your sins will find you out." LOL

  2. Tammy - that is so true! It has been a real lesson in 'buyer be ware' also! We have humbly learned a great deal in this home buying adventure, and we try to use the lessons we have learned to teach the children!

    My husband and I are too prone to thinking that everyone will be honest and above board, because we are - we know in our hearts that everyone deals with the sin nature, but practically speaking we are always trying to think the best of folks!


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