Wednesday, July 11, 2007

'Just Lunch' and other joys ...

"Just lunch' yesterday went very well! Thank you all for your interest and encouragement! I appreciate your prayer support. I had to make a last minute 'menu' change since the bread was not rising according to schedule! I blamed the air conditioning! Maybe my liquids were not warm enough, but whatever the reason, I'll remember to make my bread the day before so I'm not rushing at the last minute next time.
I used the ham that was intended for sandwiches to make Ham & Cheddar Pie. So simple and so tasty! We also enjoyed fluffy tea biscuits hot from the oven, crisp veggies with Dilly Dip, fresh fruit cup, and warm chocolate chip cookies. I made lemonade in the blender with lots of ice so it was like a slushy. All in all, it was simple, easy and appreciated. My bread eventually rose properly and was just coming out of the oven when she came in the door! She appreciated the wonderful smell!

We enjoyed our visit immensely - it is always a good sign when your guest tells you that she would love to stay and chat all afternoon! I did 'show off'' our new bathroom! Since my new friend has just built her own new home, she appreciated the changes and necessary decision making!

A kindred spirit in matters of homemaking, sewing, gardening, preserving the harvest and, most importantly, in her love for the Lord, we got along very nicely. She was encouraging to spend time with since she is an experienced mother having launched two sons now in their late 20's, and currently raising her youngest son who is a teenager. She is even a grandmother - but a very young looking grandmother! She kindly remarked that she has noticed some maturity in our Storyteller, and she generously praised our efforts consistently to parent as the Lord has lead us. Perhaps a deeper friendship is begun!
I had a short nap after she left, and was quite refreshed. It was intensely hot and humid between each of our three thunder and heavy rain storms yesterday, so we were just as content as could be to stay in and read.
All in all, I am looking forward to another 'just lunch' soon! I don't know why I took so long waiting for 'someday'!
Thank you Lord, for the 'nudge' in the right direction!


  1. AnonymousJuly 12, 2007

    You have inspired me, Heather! I have let my fatigue and health issues keep me from having friends over. I just need to do it and not wait for "someday".
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Patty - I am so blessed to know that I have been used in this small way to encourage you! I understand fatigue all too well, and while it is very real, and very much an obstacle at times, it should never be my excuse when God has called me to something that will bring glory to Him. Those He calls, He equips - He gives strength to the weary and power to those who have no might!


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