Monday, July 16, 2007


My purple cone flower took quite a beating this spring and I wasn't sure how it would fare. It resides just under the master bathroom window, and because of that it got a bit trampled upon at various times in the renovation process. Some of the branches were broken and died. They went to the compost pile. Some were merely bent over, and have bounced back now. All in all it has come through the trial and is now blooming prolifically - it is shining in the herb garden!

It made me think of some of the day to day 'trampling' we often take. Worries, illness, fear, discouragements, unkind words, or just the overwhelming volume of life's little tasks can trample us for a time. Our happiness, peace, and contentment seem illusive when we are pushed down by life's difficulties.
We were reading John chapter 15 in Sunday School yesterday, and it struck me again how very practical this chapter is. When it comes right down to living the Christian life day to day, we've got to cling to the True Vine, Jesus.
When we abide in His love, we'll thrive despite the difficulties we face, and we'll bear much fruit. We'll shine for Jesus, be a witness for Him and bring glory to the Father. What better purpose for our lives? Three times in this passage we are told to 'love one another'. The world won't love us, but we are to love one another, because He has loved us. We don't have the strength to do it alone, but we have The Comforter, sent by Jesus to help us abide in Him. The Christian life has never been easy, but there is joy - abiding joy that we can have in full. Despite the frequent trampling!
"These things have I spoken unto you, that My joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full."
John 15:11


  1. This was a beautiful and encouraging post, Heather. Just what I needed to hear!! Your flower is beautiful and I'm so glad it suvived the renovation project! I want to thank you for your sweet words about our baby bird. I love the song you mentioned "His eyes are on the sparrow" very much.

  2. Kelli- I am blessed to be able to be an encouragement to you! Peppermint came very close to catching a baby bird right in front of the children and I this morning and I thought of you and wonder if the children are still sad about your bird.


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