Saturday, July 14, 2007

So close to perfect

It makes it easier to think of the glory of heaven on these close to perfect summer days. I know it is not even a glimpse, really, but it reminds me of my Father's tender care. In our little corner of the Midwest we enjoyed temperatures in the high 70's, lovely breezes, sunshine, delightful white clouds in a scurry across blue blue skies and almost no humidity. While we are still greatly in need of rain, I could happily enjoy duplicate days for the rest of the summer without a complaint!

We were 'slug-a-beds' this morning and awakened when the sun was streaming over the trees and into our still curtain-less bedroom! For once, there were no eager beaver lawn mowers in the vicinity, and our early riser was occupied with yesterday's newspaper. I actually spent a bit of time reading in bed, but the day was calling us all out of doors, and that is where we stayed until 7 pm.

We puttered. A few jobs are checked off the master list! The guys sorted and took the recycling to our community recycling center and then went out for a father/son lunch. The girls spray painted flea market wire chairs - I'll post a picture when I get the cushions on. I watered, weeded a bit, deadheaded, repainted our wrought iron bench, did some laundry, weeded a bit more and generally enjoyed the day.

The Historian took the children fishing! What fun! Catch and release at a friend's stocked pond - bluegills and bass. A little rowing about for our Dreamer and one good soaking for the Storyteller - rather inevitable when a boy almost 7 and water are in close proximity!

We ended the day together at our favorite old time drive-in rootbeer place with frosty mugs of made-from-scratch refreshment! Mmmm!

The children are bathed, have nicely trimmed nails, were massaged with soothing lotion, prayed with, kissed, and are now sound asleep! Their clothes are laid out for tomorrow - Bibles at the ready for Sunday School and shoes in good order.

I just can't help praising the Lord for the blessing of today! I do hope you too can find something special to be thankful for today!

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