Sunday, July 29, 2007

Making Memories

We are busy making memories with Poppa and Grammy, and just having a lovely time. Last night we took a picnic to 'The Portage', a park I remember well from childhood. It was our 6th beach to explore this week and we all enjoyed it so much. The water was cool and refreshing, with a breeze and lovely waves. We had a swim and then got dressed in the bath house. It felt so good to be a little chilly since it has been so very warm here. We enjoyed a wonderful salad picnic after our swim and then explored the rocks. I took this picture just as we were leaving at 8 o'clock. Still lovely. I never tire of looking out over the water, I find it restful and soothing somehow. I guess a lot of other people feel that way too since lakefront property is so costly!
I have experienced this particular park as a child during two very bad storms. It was long before the days of personal satellite weather tracking devices. Though weather is, of course, still unpredictable, I think those devices must be a blessing to those who regularly go out on the water. Poppa and Grammy were retelling the funny tale of hiding in the outhouse and watching the fierce storm. We saw our boat loose it's moorings and drift out into open water with Poppa frantically chasing it amidst the lightening and crashing waves. As a child I remember being so very much frightened, but Mum got us all singing every Sunday School song we knew at the top of our lungs as we waited out the storm, and that seemed so much to help. Just knowing that God was there, even in the midst of the storm, was a blessing. It was a good thing to be reminded again of all God has brought us through, and know that He is the same yesterday, today and forever.


  1. Beautiful place! When I was young we used to go out on the lake and waterski. I was thinking just the other day that I am not sure it would be a good thing to attempt now. We saw the historian this evening. He brought over more zucinni for bread. Singer is glad. We may have some job news Tuesday.

  2. I was just wondering about you guys - I've been praying for you! I used to waterski on this lake a bit as a teen - I'm kinda glad dad doesn't have a big boat any more!!!! Tubing behind a boat is great fun though - much less physically challenging!


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