Wednesday, July 25, 2007


We've kind of established a lazy lakeside routine - and I'm loving it! Our days have been beautiful for resting and making nice memories.

In the morning, we get up late, eat breakfast, make beds and get dressed, and plunge into a bit of school work just to keep up routine and keep the grey matter active. Just an hour of the basics and a bit of our Discovery Journals. Then lunch on the deck and into our swimsuits. So far in three days we have explored three beaches! There are enough beaches here to keep us busy for at least two weeks and we'll just visit our favorites when we run out! We have been avoiding one lake because some kids are getting swimmer's itch, but it is a much warmer body of water, so we might just take the risk!

At the beach, our children are playing in the water, and in the sand. Grammy has flutter boards, pails and shovels, a dingy with oars, and super soakers! What more can two kids ask for? We find some shade and watch - and jump in when we get hot too! Grammy even tried out the dingy yesterday! So far our children have made friends at each beach, and at the park - very surprising if you subscribe to the widely spread misconception that homeschooled children are not well socialized! We take a semi-healthy snack to the beach and lots of water - ice cold cans of Fruitopia for a very special treat. The van has much sand that needs to be removed, but what's the point since every nice day is to be a beach day!

Yesterday we skipped out on our school work a bit early and went thrifting - after all we are with the Queen of Thrifting - Grammy! We went to her favorite store and found some half price fall tops for the Dreamer and also a pair of overalls she has been wanting for play. I found some glass votive holders for $.25 and I think they will look nice in our 'new' bathroom!

We come home each late afternoon in time to clean off the sand and get supper going - nothing too fancy since we are trying to keep the house cooled for sleeping. Poppa made great burgers on the grill last night - almost as good as Daddy's!

It is getting really hot today so we are just going to get lunch and head out! The kids are in hats and lots of sunscreen, but they are still getting a bit brown and definitely have a healthy glow. Grammy and I have found shade so I still glow in the dark, but I'm sure I'll get a bit of color by and by!

I did get all our ironing caught up last night - shorts and t-shirts don't take too long!

All in all, we are resting and having a lovely time! We haven't used our bikes too much yet, but I'm sure we will. Mum and I went for a nice walk last night - sitting at the beach isn't exactly a workout, though keeping an eye on The Storyteller presents a bit of a challenge!

I'll check in again later in the week! Hopefully with more pictures - my camera battery needs to be replaced!


  1. Sounds like the perfect get away!

  2. It sounds like you are having a nice time. I do miss you here though. I think next time you should take your ironer with you - then you wouldn't even have to do that.

  3. Awww..that sounds wonderful, Heather!! The picture of the lake reminds me of the lake I grew up swimming was called Oak Lake. Thank you for helping me remember!


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