Sunday, July 8, 2007


I am no longer waiting for 'someday', because 'someday' just never seems to come. I have heard it from others and many times and said it myself often, I'm sure!

"We should get together 'someday'."
"That would be great!"

What, exactly, are we waiting for?

I grew up in a home that modeled Biblical hospitality - my dad and mum filled our dinner table almost every Sunday with whoever would come. We have great memories of my mum's wonderful dinners and all the folks we shared them with. When The Historian and I got married, I hoped our home would be the same. We started well, but then quickly realized that many folks found it an imposition to be invited. Still, we kept on trying to open our home and we loved it when folks would come a share a meal with us.

Somewhere along the line, I got too fussy and complicated and made the family miserable trying to have everything 'perfect' for company. So, we went back to a simpler format and it was far more enjoyable for everyone. I love it when I actually learn from my mistakes! When we moved, hospitality was put on hold until we got more settled, but about that time poor health began to limit my energies and hospitality became difficult.

We've lived with liver disease for quite a while now, and I have good days and not so good days, but life continues on. My primary responsibilities are to my husband, our family and serving the Lord through our local church ministries, but I also want to invest a little more of myself in friendship. Not 'someday', but today.

No one is going to be less busy tomorrow than they are today. I'm always going to have projects I am in the middle of. My home is not going to be 'magazine shoot' perfect and dust free. Ever. It doesn't need to be.

We are going to offer hospitality simply. I will try not to apologise for the mess - that's going to be hard, but I will try. We have been given this home by God to use for His glory - it about time we use it! God calls us to be hospitable!

Today I invited a lady, who is a widow, from church over for lunch. It went like this:

"Would like to come for lunch one day this week?"

" Um, sure - I think Tuesday is clear for me."

"That would work well for us too"

"Just me?"

"Yes - well, our children will be home of course."

"No other ladies?"

"No, I'd just like to get to know you better."

"Just lunch?"

"Yes, something simple - just lunch."

"Alright then, I'll see you Tuesday."

Do you think maybe she has been to too many Mary Kay / Tastefully Simple/ Candle Lite/ Pampered Chef or Tupperware parties????? What ever happened to just lunch?
We're going to try it - this week!


  1. Thank you for this encouragement!!! It has inspired me to be obedient to scripture and to be hospitable.

  2. It's so strange because when I was growing up, people went to other people's houses.

    I find they don't, anymore. They'll meet at Starbucks or perhaps a restaurant but not someone's house.

    We're on such a limited budget that I can't meet at a restaurant often!

    My mother-in-law had her friends over for lunch quite often.

  3. How very special! I hope that all goes well and that your energy level the day of the luncheon will enable you to enjoy it all and get to know your friend better. I agree with you...most people don't do anything without an agenda (a party, etc.). I'm all for just inviting for the sake of deepening friendships. Thank you for sharing; how encouraging.

  4. I'm glad my post was encouraging to you - I'm sure I'll need to look back on it when I loose my resolve at times!

    I am praying it is a 'good day' healthwise too - but even if it is isn't, I plan to be simple and get most of my preparation done today while I do feel good! I do have two able bodied helpers who love to serve, set the table nicely, make lemonade and pour water!

    Friendship is an investment well worth the effort.

    Now I'm off to get rid of at least one layer of dust!

  5. We're having guests for lunch tomorrow as well! I'll be praying for your lunch as we prepare and gather for ours. Blessings!
    (Hmm...glad I'm not the only one to think having people over to sell something to them doesn't count as hospitality.)

  6. I prayed for you and your lunch this morning. How was your time together? We had a nice time. My friend and her three kids just left as it is naptime for everyone. Blessings to you!

  7. HeffalumpJuly 10, 2007

    Heather, you constantly amaze me !!!

    We sure did try to be hospitible and our guest books prove that.

    I too think it a shame that we as a Christian society have lost the "gift" of genuine caring hospitality. No one does this kind of entertaining anymore. And too often, it is a case where each has to out-do the other whether it is in your home decore, your place settings, your food preperation, etc.

    We have all lost something precious in my opininon. It is too easy to go to "Christian Chick" and do lunch out.

    Keep up the great work of encouragin honey.

    Luv Ya......


  8. What a wonderful post, Heather! I can't wait to hear about your visit, what a blessing you are to your new friend.


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