Saturday, February 3, 2007

A Week of Wellness

We have so much to be thankful for on this cold February Saturday morning! We have just finished a lovely pancake brunch prepared by The Historian, while I lazed in bed cuddling with a little Storyteller who felt more like a popsicle than a boy! The sunrise this morning was fabulous - it is cold and clear here with a stiff east wind blowing! We have a whole delicious Saturday with nothing planned, no time pressures, AND we are all well! Praise be to God!

Even Peppermint, the cat, is enjoying a snooze in the sunroom, and purring about the blessings of life! We will soon venture out, I'm sure - warmly dressed and with blankets wrapping the children in the car. I love the old fashioned idea of tucking warm robes around the children when we ride in the car - even though I know it was before the day of car heaters, we still have cozy blankets to tuck up around their legs - sometimes I throw the blankets in the dryer on high for a minute so that they are toasty warm and comforting! Childhood is so short, I do believe in the little 'extra' measures to demonstrate love and kindness to our children!

I thought I'd include a picture of our Valentine's Centerpiece. It is an old silver cake stand of my grandmother's with a lacy red paper heart, petit fours candles, heart cupcake candles, red glass 'scatters' and a pearl garland around the base - so quick and simple! I found the candles at JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts very inexpensively and they look almost edible! We are using our old red check picnic cloth for now since none of our table quilts match the red and pink theme very well!
A mouse decided to make a bed and have babies in our box of Valentine's decorations during our last move so we are 'rebuilding' our collection of heart shaped pretties! I need to get busy and look for some ideas to craft some simple decorations! This is just a quick start that I did last week when my mom was here to spur me on!


  1. I loved reading your about cozy and relaxing weekend. I really thought your candles were edible, they are so pretty!!! Your have them displayed beautifully. Stay warm!

  2. i like the idea of warming the blankets up before tucking the children in. i wrap sweetpea up too since i just feel better knowing we have the blankets since no matter how good the car sometimes heaters can be tempermental and in an northern winter it is always good to have extra blankets in the vehicle.

  3. I am so glad that you are well again. I also like the idea of warming up the blankets. I hadn't thought of that before.

  4. I used to take along a hot water bottle when we lived in Michigan and Canada - I just thought that the hard plastic of the thinly padded car seat was unpleasantly cold for the children - plus we are spoiled now with wonderful heated seats in our van's front seats, so ... I feel like the children should have a bit of comfort too!


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