Monday, February 26, 2007

Window Inspiration

For more than 2 years we have enjoyed the view from these three windows in our front room, my very favorite room in our home. For more than 2 years I have had some fabric to make window treatments for these windows, but have been overwhelmed, undecided and consequently, they are still bare! Well, it is time to get on with this project! I've found inspiration once again in the writing of Grace Livingston Hill.
"But, when Julia Cloud heard the stupendous price that was asked for ready- made curtains or curtains made to order, with fixtures and installation, she exclaimed in horror: " Leslie! This is foolish. We can easily make them ourselves, and put them up for less than half the price..."
Just a few pages further on:
"By night every clean little window in that many-windowed house was curtained with white drapery, and in some rooms also with inner curtains of soft silk. The house began to look cozy in spite of it's emptiness ..."
Quotes from Cloudy Jewel by Grace Livingston Hill, 1920
I have purchased lovely decorator fabric and plain white drapery lining, 16 yards of each. My fabric is a mossy sage green jacquard with a slight sheen, and it doesn't match my sage green paint perfectly, but it's not bad. It is so hard to match in artificial light to a paint sample that is 3 inches square. I hope it will be alright! We can always repaint a mossy-er green in the spring, if they scream at each other, I suppose. Our room takes on different colors as the light changes in the room.
I don't want to cover up too much - we love the light! I just want a warmer, cozy feel. The windows are wonderful, but a bit large for me to try to curtain! I hated the sheers that covered them when we came, and actually, they were torn, terribly yellowed and smelled faintly of smoke.
Soooooo..... any suggestions? Favorite patterns? Inspirations for large windows? Ideas? Help? I don't suppose I can get this done in one day, or even in one week, but I am really determined to get at it! No putting it off any longer! At first I was intimidated by the cost of the fabric - just not wanting to mess it up I guess, but I've decided I have to get over that and just force myself to forge ahead bravely! In the eternal scheme of things, it is just not worth fretting about any longer!
Mossy green jacquard fabric.
This window is 11 feet tall!
I was thinking of just putting swags just on the two side windows.

This window is the smallest, only 55" wide!
This one is 80" wide - that's my loom right in front of it!


  1. Thanks Brenda! I loved it too - it was such a great price per yard and I bought the end of the bolt so they gave me an even better price - but I was too far from home to take a sample and see if it really complimented the walls and then go back. My loveseats are really busy - big florals with burgundy, sage, moss, cream, brown, with a touch of gold and peach. I wanted something fairly plain but not boring!

  2. Hi I just found your blog a few days ago, and I've been enjoying it. =)

    Your fabric is gorgeous. I love it! I would definitely do something on the middle window (the three windows together), but I don't have any ideas for you! =)

  3. Such beautiful fabric, Heather!! I'm just awful with curtains, it took us 7 years to find ones for the livingroom! LOL
    I like your idea of one panel on each side. My other thought is maybe some sort of swag on the top middle one, and somehow joining to the side panels. Good luck!

  4. Thank you for your comments and suggestions! Great to meet you Tammy! Thank you for stopping by!

    Would you put the swag level with the top of the two side windows and the top of the window would just be an 'eyebrow' sort of thing? That was a thought I had but wondered if it would look dumb from outside. I have the 'velcro' boards from the side windows and will cover them with the green fabric. I could make the same type of boards for the side windows but how would I go across the big window?
    I didn't get much sleep last night, but I dreamed about windows and curtains when I did sleep ...

    I AM a woman on a mission!

  5. Heather,
    Your fabric is beautiful! Curtains are not my thing. What do you make on your loom. Weaving something, I know, but....
    I got your comment on the Blogger upgrade and made a new post that explains how I did it. Hope it helps!

  6. Heather,
    Your fabric is beautiful! Curtains are not my thing. What do you make on your loom. Weaving something, I know, but....
    I got your comment on the Blogger upgrade and made a new post that explains how I did it. Hope it helps!

  7. Kimberly - I currently dust my loom and look at it longingly!

    I used to weave simple things like table runners, mug mats, placemats, scatter rugs, and once I made a swedish lace coverlet for our bed. We still use it a bit, but I chose such a heavy cotton that it weighs 30 pounds and we awaken tired from wrestling with it all night! It is great when we are sick or when the power fails!

    My dad recently put my loom together - it was sitting in parts for almost 2 years after our move! I keep praying for a weaving friend who will help me put a warp on!

  8. WOW Heather, I just can't believe the snow in your front yard.

    Looks like the snow here.

    Love the windows, and I too have a hard time trying to think of things you could do to make it more "warm and homley". You know how we too love that room and it's bright - ness.

    Trust all is well with the Dreamer and the Storyteller. Wow ! What a tale of "orange ville" with Grammy the other day LOL.


  9. The snow is melting quickly, and so is my resolve to tackle these windows! I am such a chicken! I found some great ideas at Better Homes & Gardens so maybe I'll just get to it! The Historian is encouraging - he thinks anything I do will be 'good'!


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