Thursday, February 15, 2007

Smiley Face Salad

The Dreamer made this salad all by herself! She was quite pleased!

The shells were hot and ready to be stuffed!

I forget to take a picture after they came out of the oven because we were so anxious to eat! I always thought this looked like too much work, but it was really simple and yummy!

As you can see, the Dreamer and I made a really quick and simple supper together recently. Three Cheese Stuffed Jumbo Pasta shells - the recipe from the back of the box with just a few additions and substitutions! It was a nice change and easier then stuffing manicotti, but I think it will be included in our 'Italian night' side dish recipes, rather than as a main course. It was too rich to eat very much, so even though we enjoyed The Dreamer's Happy Face Salad with toasted almonds, and fresh homemade wheat bread, everyone was hungry in the evening. I didn't have too hard a time 'selling' breakfast - even to my non- breakfast eating guys!

Didn't The Dreamer do a nice job with the salad Grammy? She really wanted you to see she is trying to be more helpful Mum! She has mastered making the lettuce and spinach bites smaller, now that I have convinced her that we are not a family of horses - now she just needs to make more salad! I told her that bowl was about right for Daddy and I and she looked aghast (this week's vocabulary word!).

Our veggie selection is pretty slim right now - everything is very dear, and not very nice. The Storyteller is 'dying' for cucumbers, so I am hoping they will be nice tomorrow when we go shopping! I am so looking forward to the re-opening of the farmers market in spring! Let's face it - I'm just looking forward to spring ! My gardening catalogues are pouring in!


  1. I'm not Dreamer's Grammy, but I am a 'Nana' to 5. So may I tell her that her salad is marvelous. She can make salads for me, any time. :-)


  2. I'm a grammie, too, and that looks delicious! I am missing the farmer's markets these days, as well. Spring is just around the corner. (I hope) :-)

  3. What a wonderful salad, it looks delicious! I love the smiley face!

    I can't wait for our farmer's market to open too!

  4. The Dreamer thanks you for your kind comments! She was very frustrated at the sparseness of the crisper, so she thought her salad was going to be boring! She did her best though, and it was a yummy salad. I have a better variety on hand today, so maybe she'll make us another salad!

  5. Hi Dollie-Dot

    You did an amazing job on the smiley salad honey. You sure are growing up and getting so much experience.

    Keep up the great work.



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