Saturday, February 24, 2007

I didn't mean to disappear!

I really didn't, but somehow I blinked and this week went by, and I am still catching my breath! You know how it is sometimes!
I am feeling some better, so thank you for all of your prayer support and kind comments. God is so good! We did have a productive week of homeschooling for the most part, but are struggling again with attitude. This time it's the Teacher! Not really! The Storyteller would rather not do any school work at all, though I try hard to make it interesting for my very active auditory learner! The Dreamer has taken to sighing with every assignment and trying her best to giggle her way off topic. I feel like we are heading for the teen years all too rapidly!

My Thursday evening was very pleasant, as two homeschool moms came to chat and scrapbook! It was a good time of fellowship and a great excuse to make brownies! Also, I actually got my whole sticker collection back into it's sorted binder pages and I started to sort stacks and stacks of pictures. Those big black boxes from Creative Memories really hold A LOT! Thanks Mum for all the pictures, and for DATING them! If I had 1/10th of your organizational skill I'd be laughing!
Sweet Dreamer isn't feeling very well! My Historian and I were just praising the Lord again that the children have been well for almost a whole month - no colds, sniffles or nasty achy bone flu bugs! The Dreamer just has a cold I think, but her asthma complicates everything, so we are praying. It started yesterday with a sore throat and fever and now she is coughing. Poor sweetie! Time to start the breathing treatments. More big sighs I expect!
Today, I joined roughly 150,000 other women for a Beth Moore simulcast one day seminar. It was so powerful. I am at present too overwhelmed to really share the joys of the experience but I will at another time. The Scriptures are so very powerful, and God is using Beth Moore to communicate them in a humorous, humble, real, life changing way. I took 12 pages of notes and I need to go over them with my Bible in hand and flesh them out and listen as the Voice of God speaks to my hear through His Word. I pray for quiet to do that tomorrow afternoon.
A whole day away from our children is so good for me, though I barely remember at times how to speak with adults! It was a joy to see women who were such an encouragement to me when we were experiencing immigration difficulties when we first moved back to the U.S. from Canada. I miss these women and especially the Bible Study I attended with them, but I felt called to serve in AWANA this year. I met a young mom who is 'drowning in a sea of loneliness', so I pray that God will use me to be an encouragement to her. I certainly know how she feels.
I've been thinking a lot about loneliness this week, and about the dear 'kindred spirits' I left behind with our last move. There is so much to be learned about utter dependence on God when you aren't surrounded by your kindred heart girl friends! There is so much blessing in finding friendship in unexpected places! I need to keep praying about these thoughts and the Scriptures God keeps on bringing to mind concerning friendship before I post more, but it is 'on the back burner' of my heart!
I think that's all for now! I have freshly bathed children to cuddle, inhale ,pray with, smooch and tuck in, then I'm off to bed myself! If all of our weeks fly by this quickly I won't have this privilege much longer!
As I was heading out the door this morning, The Storyteller said, "Momma, you look good! You look ready to learn! You look sooooo pretty! And you know I almost always tell the truth!!!!" I'm telling you, this boy is going to be a charmer!


  1. Hi Heather!
    It sounds like you had a busy week! My girls get the giggles during school work too...we've been working on it! The conference sounds wonderful and I can't wait to hear more about it! It is so nice to get away once in awhile and fellowship with other ladies.
    Talk to you soon,

  2. It's interesting but I'm using my time of loneliness to learn more of who I am ... who I am in Christ, who I am as a mother, who I am as a woman. I am also learning so much more of the "friend who sticks closer than a brother". I don't like being lonely but it has been teaching me lessons I may not be learning otherwise.

  3. I have learned a lot in times of lonliness - and I am still learning! The kids have braclets with F.R.O.G. on them - 'fully rely on God'!


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