Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Preparing for the Storm

I understand that New York State is digging out from over 11 feet of snow, so our little 'storm' in the Midwest is comparatively minor, but still, we are enjoying snow. In preparation yesterday we checked on our batteries, stockpiled water, corralled the candles, brought in more firewood and went to the local StuffMart for our prescription refills. I was astounded at the crowds of people at the StuffMart - unusual for a Monday morning to be sure. The carts were filled with shovels, salt, food, warm clothing, games, books, videos and other 'essentials'. I spoke with our cashier and she indicated that since the 'storm' was announced they had enjoyed a steady stream of stockpilers.

I was pleased to see so many taking the storm seriously, for I know the preparation they were able to do yesterday will stand them in good stead for the days to come. The snow is here and still falling, and the latest indication is that freezing rain will likely wreck havoc with tree limbs causing downed power lines and possibly causing long outages. Perhaps it was the smaller storm last week and the days the children spent home from school that precipitated the preparations, perhaps many learned the hard way and didn't want to be caught unprepared again.

In thinking about all of these preparations, I was praying that in the 'snowed in' days ahead there would be time for some 'eternal preparation'. It is often in times of uncertainty that people have time to think a bit about life, and perhaps some small 'seed', planted by God Himself or one of His faithful, would take root in the heart of many who realize that they are as unprepared for eternity as they are for this life.

We can do many things to prepare for an emergency; we make our plans and preparations using the best information we have, but in reality, we can never be completely prepared for all possible outcomes. That can be a fearful thought; the future is so unknown to us. Never to God though. There are no surprises for Him. For those that are resting in the 'peace that passes understanding' based in a close personal relationship with Him through His Son Jesus, there is no fear of the future. The questions of this life and the next are in His care - and He cares - perfectly!

I'm praying for the still small voice of God to penetrate the hearts of those caught in the storms of life today - whether they be of the snowy kind or not!

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  1. "I'm praying for the still small voice of God to penetrate the hearts of those caught in the storms of life today - whether they be of the snowy kind or not!"

    You have such a beautiful way with words, Heather!
    Praying that you are safe and sound during the winter storm.

  2. Kelli - thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words! We are safe and sound so far - my Historian came home from work a bit early, so we are all snug together. He is just reading to The Storyteller - they are reading all 7 of the Narnia books together - again! We are so very blessed to be so sheltered and secure in Christ!


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