Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Counting Blessings

I am so thankful today for a warm home, for warm clothing and for a van that started first piston up, as my dad would say! We are 'achy bones flu-bug' free and The Storyteller had a great speech therepy session. The Dreamer was well prepared for her piano lesson and her teacher was very pleased! The bank machine was operational - for once! Just a bunch of little things that have all added up to another day to be thankful for! The children have their verses ready for AWANA tonight, and though I am really too tired to go out in the cold, I know supper will strengthen me, and God will bless us for making the effort to go! Thanks be to God for His wonderful, simple gifts!


  1. Hi there, I check in once in a while to see if all is well. Except for a few bumps in the road it looks like all is well in your world.
    Life is still full of challenges for this family. We do manage to catch our breath between rounds,but barely.
    Jared was in the hospital for 7 days in January. He had pnemonia and was a very sick baby. With Doug still at home recovering from his back surgery ) Dec. 21) he was unable to spend much time at the hospital. I just took the time off of work and stayed with Brenda and Jared until he was released. I slept on a cot alongside Brenda's bed. Don brought Doug up every other day for a few hours. Thank God for friend's that just picked up the slack and took care of the other children, and PRAYED. They had already been staying with Angie due to a power outage so Angie and Dave kept them there and thanked us for allowing them to have the privelege of helping. Dave accepted Christ last summer and was Baptised. He has come a long way. He just celebrated his 3 year anniversary of being sober. God is sure good.
    Dot and Kenneth moved back from AZ last week. They are living with her oldest daughter in Ypsilanti. Dot had a stroke on Christmas day eve and was in bed for over 21 hours before Kenneth came home from work and realized she hadn't moved since the night before. She is now on dialisis 3 times a week and is a very sick women. Kenneth is also very Ill. They haven't ruled officially on a diagnosis,but to me it sure looks like accute Pancreatitis. He has lost over 50 lbs and has been sick since last winter. We refuse to feel bad about any of this because God is so good and we are so blessed. Don is leaving for Kentucky tomorrow morning to show our house and property to a friend from MI. I hope we can sell it soon. We haven't tried very hard but will list it in the spring if we still have it.
    I have enjoyed the pictures of the kids. Keep forgetting to tell Brenda where to go to find your blog. She finally has a computer.Things are going very well at CCC. Still going thru the process of finding a Pastor. Working on changes based on the concepts from a book called "Winning on Purpose" One board concept with the Pastor actually in authority over the board. Strange concept for CCC.
    Give my love to everyone. Miss all of you. Patti R

  2. Such a sweet post, Heather! I'm glad you had a wonderful day.

  3. Hi Patti - thanks for the update on everyone - we will keep on praying for you all! With so many burdens, I know you need extra prayer for strength and encouragement. Isn't it wonderful that we don't have to bear these trials alone? Thank you for checking in! I've been thinking of Sara and wondering how your February birthday girl is doing!

  4. Those small blessings are so wonderful sometimes. I find the joy of ordinary days in the sight of God to be a real balm.

  5. Sara is doing well from what I hear. Haven't seen her in a very long time. The other kids have been to Ky to visit us a couple of times without her. She graduates from High School on the 27 of May. We plan to be there,Lord willing and the creek don't rise. She wants to attend College in the fall. I imagine she will be elegible for a lot of assistance with her current situation. Guess I should explain so you don't worry about what that means. She still lives with Mom, Stepdad, and siblings. I think Mom gets Soc. Sec. and I am sure no support from Kenneth. She had a 4.0 her first semester as a senior. I am sure she isn't being raised the way we would want her to be but all I can do is pray. I really worry more about Kenny because he seems to have been effected the most by all these years of instability. I pray for mentors for all of them that will help shape and guide them. I guess he has a girlfriend and he goes to church with her every week. Kasey has always struggled with school but has more common sense than a lot of adults I know. I just hope the cycle doesn't get repeated in their lives.
    Next year you birthday girls will have BIG birthdays to celebrate. That means I will have a big one too. There are 20 years between you and I and 20 between you and Sara. Easy for me to remember,even as I grow older.
    Say hello to the dreamer , the story teller,and the historian. I miss all of you.


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