Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chocolate Coated Meme

“And when all of the flourless chocolate cakes and chocolate mousse or ganache cakes have come and gone, there will still be nothing like a fudgy brownie, dry and cracked on top, moist and dense within, with a glass of cold milk.”
-Richard Sax
When I came across this quote the other day included in the beautiful pages of a Susan Branch book, I began to think about the comfort of chocolate and decided to put together my own little Meme! I'm sure it is not the first Chocolate Coated Meme, but I thought it might be fun to do another! Have fun!

Heather's Chocolate Coated Meme

1. How do you feel about chocolate? Love it, hate it, or somewhere in between?
I really really like chocolate - after all I'm writing a Meme about it ....

2. What is your favorite ‘affordable’ chocolate fix?
I like to buy a bag of Dove milk chocolate and have one in the late afternoon when I'm feeling a bit peckish and need some extra energy to get started on making dinner!

3. What is your luxury chocolate ‘once in a blue moon’ treat?
I like to buy a BIG Toblerone once in a long while and eat one piece a day - unless The Historian finds it, it will last 9 days! I also love the wonderful chocolates at our local coffee & chocolate shoppe, but I never buy them for myself!

4. What is your favorite fruit and chocolate combination?
Strawberry & Chocolate, if you please!

5. What is you favorite chocolate and nut taste treat?
Any nutmeat, when introduced to good chocolate, is improved, but I would have to say, macadamia nuts and chocolate are my favorite!

6. White, milk, dark or bittersweet chocolate - where do your preferences lay?
Milk chocolate, thank you!

7. What is the most unusual chocolate combination you’ve sampled? Take it or leave it?
Chocolate covered potato chips! Mmmm!

8. Do you have any fond chocolate covered childhood memories?
Running with my older sister to the corner store for 10 cent chocolate popsicles and running all the way home!

9. Have you ever been party to a chocolate covered disaster?
There is a picture of me at 2 in a diaper with a chocolate popsicle running all over my face! My most embarassing chocolate mishap was sitting on someone else's chocolate spill at a young people's party - I had to explain it all night! I also dropped a tray of chocolate cake at a funeral luncheon once ...

10. Do you have any chocolate stain removal tips?
Diluted dish soap seems to work for us. Let it soak and then wash as usual.

11. What is your favorite chocolate sauce?
Chocolate fudge - homemade is best!

12. Favorite chocolate kissed ice cream flavor?
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk (Mooney's at Macinac City, MI just after we walk the Bridge on Labour Day is a wee taste of heaven on earth)

13. How do you make hot chocolate a real treat?
I like real whipped cream on top and a peppermint stick to stir!

14. What is your favorite brand of chocolate chips?

15. Do you nibble chocolate chips before they reach the cookie dough?
How else can I be sure they are fresh? Just safeguarding the family ...

16. Brownies! Fudgy or Cake-y, which do you choose?
Fudgy all the way!

17. Care to share a favorite chocolate recipe? We’ll follow a link if you like!
18. Do you own a 'Chocolate Fountain'?
NO! My children keep begging for us to get one, but I keep seeing them at Goodwill, and my thought is 'Someone has bought this thing, used it once and it took more than 2 hours to clean and that is why it is at Goodwill for some other poor misguided person to buy'. I could be wrong, but a simple fondue pot is much more my style!

19. In your opinion, is there any time to avoid chocolate?
Cheap chocolate is to be avoided at all times! There is nothing worse than waxy tasteless chocolate coating the roof of my mouth! Also, it is good to avoid chocolate when ... actually I can't think of any other reason! Can you?

20. What is the nicest ‘gift of chocolate’ you have ever received?
Half eaten squishy soggy chocolate cookie crumbs shoved into my mouth by pudgy baby fingers when our little ones were 'learning to share'!

21. Have you thanked God for making the cacao bean lately, and giving you taste buds to enjoy all of the wonderful things that can be made with it?
Yes, yes, and again, yes!
Well, if you have come this far without getting up for a little snack of chocolate you are a better person than I! If you'd like to join the fun, please consider yourself 'tagged'! Oh, and do let me know if you have joined the party! Um, well, um ..... I guess I should have washed my hands before tagging you ... there's a bit of chocolate on your shoulder ..... sorry!


  1. This looks like fun!

    I'll take part, too...probably Saturday when I have a little more time to think. :)

    I should mention that I made fudgy brownies today and while hot, poured a bag of Andes bits over them. Yum... (Yes, my blood sugar did go up!)

  2. Maybe I should mention that I'll be over in a few minutes for a sample!!!!! I'll bring the milk! Mint and chocolate? What can go wrong?

  3. Great meme..count me in.

  4. I took part Heather. I didn't think I liked choc, but now I am thinking of chocolate enrobed cherries, Reece's cups and Fry's turkish delight.....

  5. Thank you all for particpating! This is so much fun! I hope I don't get a reputation for being a chocoholic or anything silly like that!

  6. Hi! Found your blog from Kelli's I believe. Very nice blog you have! Love the chocolate Meme!


  7. Hi Heather,
    I left a comment on my blog regarding your comment but thought Id stop by here too. I plan to try gray font soon. When you drop by again, or if you can, could you let me know what you think about gray font? Im going to test some other font colors and see because truthfully I have a hard time viewing my font too LOL I just love pink!! :)
    Thanks so much for making me aware,


  8. Oh Heather, your such a sweet person!!!!

    Candy :)

  9. Heather - that was a chocolate ice cream cone you were covered with while sitting on the swing.

    Will copy it and send if you really want.



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  11. See Dad - this is what happens when all the pictures are still on slides! Time to convert - my memories are f... a...d...i...n...g...

    I haven't seen the picture in years!

  12. Hi Heather,

    We share something else besides our name...appreciation of chocolate. I will certainly participate in this, although it will have to wait until tomorrow as I'm too tuckered out tonight.

    I will probably dream of chocolate...

  13. I came over from Brenda's blog to check our your chocolate meme... since that's a favorite subject of mine! We just made brownies yesterday afternoon...and have three small pieces left for lunch today!

  14. Great meme! I linked over from Mountain Musing's Thursday Thirteen post today. About the chocolate fountain...stick to the fondue pot! My daughter received one for Christmas, it didn't work well, so we cleaned it up and took it back. It was a nicer one, too. My favorite chocolate childhood memory is getting homemade chocolate covered Easter eggs with my name on them every Easter. They were made by sweet older ladies at a church somewhere in Norfolk, Virginia....buttercream and coconut were my favorite! Thanks for the smile this afternoon!

  15. Thank you all for coming over for a chocolate coated visit! Is anyone hungry for brownies?


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