Saturday, February 10, 2007

Trouble Posting

I've been having trouble posting this week and no time to figure out just what is going wrong - I think our browser needs an update or something - but doing that on dial-up can take so much time! I'm sorry that my posts are all coming at once - I can save the draft and sometimes post later. I'll just have to get this figured out!

Last night we had a wonderful family night - we went out for an early dinner and then went to see the World Famous Lipinzzaner Stallions. It was wonderful - so lovely and so well done. We rarely splurge on this kind of 'entertainment', so it was a real treat. The children both enjoyed it, though it wasn't as fast moving as The Storyteller would have liked. He was most facinated with the ongoing dialogue concerning the different aspects of training the horses for battle in ancient times - the offensive and defensive moves really sparked his imagination! The Dreamer just loves horses and was thrilled to see them perform - her eyes were sparking and dancing with every move! Her tender heart was dismayed that they are the most branded bread of horses in the world - she learned a lot about the brands, but she was cringing at the thought of all they would suffer.

I'm not sure what we are up to today! It has been a busy week, so the house is in need of some attention. We really need to get busy and plan our Valentine's Tea a bit and the children have their rooms to tidy! The Historian is at work until 1pm, so we are all hanging out in our p.j.'s and being lazy! After the late night last night, I think we might just enjoy a quiet day!


  1. Sounds like you had a very enjoyable evening. My 11 year old daughter LOVES horses, too. Everything horses.
    Enjoy your week-end!

  2. Sorry to hear about your trouble with blogger, Heather. What a fun evening you had! Grace would love the horse show!
    We had a lazy Saturday too, it was nice. :0)


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