Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our Dreamer

This is a very special day for our family!
Our Dreamer is celebrating a birthday!

She has 11 years to her credit, as Anne of Green Gables would say.

Happy Birthday Dreamer!

This is our sweet Dreamer two years ago, wearing a dress I made for her.
I love that our Dreamer is all girl and loves to dress like a little lady, especially for special days!

Can you see those incredible blue eyes?
She is so bright and full of fun!
She knows how to tease, but isn't so good at taking it - yet!
She's wearing an apron that I made for her ... she likes to be a help in the kitchen!
What a blessing to us to have a such fun loving daughter.

Dreamer is a just-for-fun ballerina in the making.
She is learning grace and the joy of moving to music.
She loves her teacher and learns a great deal about getting on
well with others through her weekly classes.

This is our Dreamer - growing up so quickly.
When we took her to camp this summer, she was just right at home!
I cried a few tears as we left her for the week, but she was just as happy as could be!
We love that she shows her excitement and expresses both joy and appreciation each day!

Our Dreamer has a sense of adventure.
She was afraid, but she did the Zip Line!
We are so glad that she approaches new things with a zeal for learning
and good common sense.

Last week on our field trip, our Dreamer was so full of energy and enthusiasm!

Her eyes sparkle and dance and make me think blue skies on perfect fall days!

Our Dreamer is undoubtedly a precious gift from God!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

We love you!

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  1. She is so pretty! Happy Birthday -- Hope you have a wonderful day --

    Much Love

  2. What beautiful pictures! What a sweet ballerina! And I love the pumpkin patch. happy Birthday to your dear Dreamer!

  3. Happy birthday to your dreamer. That last picture is gorgeous! :-)

  4. Tell her Happy Birthday from me. I'm eleven too and take ballet. Tell her that it gets a lot easyer when you get older (it goes agaist logic, but it gets alot eaisier).

  5. Happy Birthday!! What special pictures of your special young lady..thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Happy Birthday! What a sweet girl and a wonderful blessing to your family!


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