Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Comforts of Home

The season of illness is upon us, and I was reminded again of how blessed we are to have the simple resources to care for our family in times of illness. I've been making a basic list to remind me of the things I need to pick up or replenish in order to deal with the inevitable colds that are making the rounds at our house.

I often wonder why our children are so subject to colds, considering their excellent diet, abundant fresh air and good hygiene. They both take nutritional supplements and are with other children enough to be exposed to germs, but not so much that they are inundated. I keep hoping that they will develop some immunities, but until they do, we'll cope with sickness by offering all of the comforts of home. I am very thankful that they don't suffer from more serious illnesses, and even our Dreamer seems to be 'outgrowing' her asthma symptoms.

General prevention:

  1. When we are sick, we stay home! We like to share, but not our germs!
  2. Hand washing - frequently.
  3. Cleaning - especially the forgotten areas - phone, keyboard, mouse, piano keys and door knobs.
  4. Healthy diet, fresh air, exercise and vitamins. Plenty of pure water to drink.

Chills and aches:
  1. Soother Sac's to keep everyone warm and cozy.
  2. The 'sick' quilt - a special cover for when someone isn't feeling very well.
  3. Tiger Balm or Arnica Gel to rub on achy muscles.
  4. Tylenol or Motrin as needed.

For upset stomach:

  1. Ginger Ale
  2. Crystallized ginger to nibble on
  3. Ginger Snaps (we like Nabisco or Anna's)
  4. Soda Crackers
  5. Toast and tea

For stuffy heads:

  1. Kiss My Face Cold and Flu Bath - really clears the sinus
  2. Kiss My Face Cold and Flu Room Spray
  3. Saltwater nasal spray
  4. Vick's Vapo Rub - creamy for sensitive skin, applied to chest and forehead
  5. Vick's Cool Mist Humidifier

For general colds:
  1. Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup
  2. Puffs soft tissues
  3. Kiss My Face or Burt's Bees Lip Balm
  4. Vitamin E oil to rub on sore noses
  5. Warm salt water to gargle for sore throat
  6. Juice Popsicles
  7. Fresh squeezed orange juice
  8. Tea - a wide variety
  9. Extra Vitamin C with Zinc

On the road to recovery:
  1. Fruit - bananas, frozen blueberries and grapes are always a favorite here
  2. Yogurt - with the live cultures
  3. Pudding and Rice Pudding
  4. Mild meats - chicken or turkey, scrambled eggs
  5. Toast and tea

Keeping occupied:
  1. Whenever possible we keep up with our school work, but at a slower pace and with breaks for rest.
  2. This is the time when we use videos to help ward off the boredom! Since they only see one video per week and they don't watch t.v., this is a real treat. The best part of being sick if you ask our Storyteller!!!
  3. Audio books - Boxcar Children, Adventures in Odyssey, The Little House Series, A Visit With Mrs. G
  4. Puzzles and games.
  5. Craft projects.
  6. List making - hopes, dreams and gift ideas are often fun to list and makes us think of better things to come!
  7. Catalog shopping and dream collages - we raid the recycle bins and see what we can come up with!
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  1. What a great list!

    My kids and husband all tease me about my affinity for Vick's Vapo Rub but I had bronchitis as a kid (now called Pediatric Asthma) and Vick's helped a lot then. It still does.

    Perhaps part of its' healing power is reminding me of my mother staying up all night with me. :)

  2. Hi, I lead the marketing at Kiss My Face and saw your blog entry recommending our cold and flu products. We sincerely appreciate your recommendation to your family and friends. As a small token of our appreciation, please use and share code KMFBLOG3 until 11/15 for 30% off any order at kissmyface.com. And anytime you have a comment or suggestion, please email me at lewis@kissmyface.com. Thanks again for your support, Lewis Goldstein, VP Marketing

  3. Wonderful reminders! Very timely. If anyone in our house is one anitbiotics I always try to remember to have yogurt for them - it replennishes the good bacteria while the anti-b's are taking care of the bad.

    Blessings, Kim Wolf

  4. I really like the idea of a special quilt for when one is sick! Great collection of ideas here -- thanks!

  5. I remember the tea and toast and the vicks.

    I think I take good care of Sean and yet he has all sorts of complaints.

    After years of this I finally rested with the fact that it is God who gives good health AND bad.

    I do the best I can to mind him and care for him and leave the rest to God. It really helped me to stop worrying about Sean and feeling guilty about his bad health.


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