Wednesday, October 29, 2008


You know your hands are severely dry when applying moisturizer to my face in the morning feels like microderm abrasion! Ouch! With all of the crafting and germ fighting I've been doing lately, my hands are a mess! I've tried my usual remedies, but nothing is helping! They are so sore, swollen and cracked! This usually works really well, but not this time!

Heather's Smooth Hands

sweet almond oil (or some other pure oil)
sugar (just plain white)
liquid hand soap
thick hand lotion (I'm a huge fan of Kiss My Face Ultra Moisturizer - Lavender and Shea)

Remove jewelery. Line up all your 'ingredients' and set aside 5 minutes for your self. Place a few drops of oil on each hand and rub all over. Place 1/2 teaspoon of sugar in the palm of one hand and rub all over both hands - this can be messy so I do it over the sink. Don't rub too hard - you'll want some skin left! Squeeze a few drops of liquid hand soap into your palm and rub all over - again - be gentle! Rinse your hands in warm water - pat dry. Apply lotion to your baby smooth hands. I do this Saturday night when I know I'll be shaking hands at church Sunday morning and don't want to rub folks the wrong way!

So, any suggestions? My bedside basket is full of natural lotions and potions, but my hands are as rough as sandpaper. 80 grit. I wear gloves for cleaning and try to wear cotton gloves at night after I lotion up, but they are still so sore and dry. If you have a sure fire cure and want to help put me out of my misery, I'd be much obliged!

I'd shake your hand, but I don't want to hurt you!

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  1. Oh your poor hands Heather. Gosh, they look like they really hurt. Mine can get that way if it is too dry. I know that Burt's Bees makes an amazing beeswax lip balm, that helps my lips anyhow. :o)
    I hope your hands feel better real soon.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  2. Bag Balm ( wonders for my husband- he works in the automotive industry & has to use very harsh cleaners, plus frequently has cuts & abrasions. Not only does is moisturize, it has an analgesic quality; I buy the big can at Costco, but you can find it at most farm supply stores

  3. Thanks Tricia Anne - they do look pretty ugly!
    Meg - thank you! I've tried Bag Balm in the past and should give it another try again. I know they have it at the Farm Store in town!

  4. My hands are terrible, too. They get this way every year, and stay that way till spring. They hurt so badly! I grease mine up and sleep in gloves (or even old socks on my hands!) at night. It's annoying to sleep like that, but I'm kind of used to it now. haha! Where do you find almond oil?? I'm curious to try your recipe!

  5. Katie - I get the big bottle of sweet almond oil from the health food store. It's expensive but goes along way. Last year I combined it with sea salt and vitamin E oil, glycerin and essential oils like lavender or mint to make salt scrubs for Christmas gifts! I used it with brown sugar and vanilla to make a wonderful body scrub too! Hmmm! If you can't find almond oil, a nice light olive oil works in nicely too! Or pure vitamin E oil from any drug store - you can break open a gel cap and use it like that. I used that for diaper rash when our babies were teething and it was so handy to have the capsule in the bag and just break one over the tender toshie and rub it on in!

  6. My hands are pretty bad too. And I always forget to put on lotion because I can't stand the taste of lotion getting on food and it seems I'm always about to go to the kitchen when I remember the lotion. :( i do keep some in the glove compartment of the car so at least I get some on Sunday morning! :)


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