Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Craft fair this and that

Sweet woolen purses - made with recycled felted wool sweaters and these adorable metal handles that my friend Mrs. M found! She was the inspiration behind making this pattern!

Felted woolen flowers - just so fun to make!
Betz White is the inspiration here!

I love that these handles open up wide to give access to the insides of the bag
- this one has a fun zippered pocket!

I was playing with my embroidery options trying to pull out the pretty flecks of color
in this beautiful green sweater!

Go Buckeyes! This one is all ready to go as soon as the handles we ordered come in! It has a fun red lining and the flower is a pin, which can be exchanged for another if need be!

Can you tell I am having too much fun with all of this felted goodness?

This is recycling at it's prettiest and most practical, I think.

You are welcome to click on over to BeTasseled to see the

tassels I'm working on for the Craft Fair!

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  1. I like it Mommy!
    I saw it on the way to do SOS.

  2. Love the felted purses!!! so fun. I love Betz white! i need to try some more of those felted flowers -- it looks so good on that purse.

    Great idea about the sheets. We've opted for dual-control electric blanket (but then I wonder if sleeping under electricity is any good???)

  3. The purses are super cute....I know they will be quick sellers for you at the fair! And I LOVE the idea of "compromise sheets"..and I really think I could tolerate the seam if it meant snuggly! Its an idea.....

  4. I like those purses. Oh yeah. Here is a trick for keeping warm: get a old sock with no holes in it. Fill the foot of the sock with rice and tie a not on the top. Heat up the "rice sock" for two minutes and put in your bed. They are sooooooooo warm!

  5. I know that I already commented on your purses at your other blog but had to just say ... again ... they are precious!
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne


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