Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Suspiciously well ....

Don't you hate it when people ask for your advice but don't take it? I really appreciated all of your good advice about painting our free furnace room cabinets! I think I am going to go with an off white and side with the majority! However - I had to make a decision against my better judgment and your excellent advice and just get those cabinets hung! They were beginning to drive me crazy in our sun room - and they were hazardous as well. I have a few scratches and two ripped tops to prove it!

I know cabinets are really hard to hang and they can be really tricky, so I bathed this project in prayer. We will never learn to do things if we don't give it a go, right? I planned the layout and measured. We needed a stud finder to find the studs and wires to avoid.

As my Uncle Larry would say things went 'suspiciously well' and they are up! Praise God! It was wonderful how they went up and they are on the walls quite solidly too. My Historian and I actually had some fun doing it!

There is nothing like working together in a very tight corner at a job you have very little experience with! We made some mistakes, but learned quickly to pre-drill every hole since these are 41 year old cabinets and the wood is quite dry. We should have had some shims since the walls and ceiling were not square, but this is just a storage area and function was the goal!

These pictures are the 'before' of a good scrubbing! Yucky black grease came off and they are considerably brighter now. We hung another cabinet underneath the ugly white pipe! Did I mention that the furnace is smack dab in the middle of the room? Most inconvenient! I am planning on painting the doors and frames of the cabinets next spring, since our school work and other projects will keep me busy for the next few months.

I am sharing a table at a craft fair in November and plan to sell my tassels along with a friend who is making lovely woolen purses. Our Dreamer is planning to make some of her sweet little mice to sell, and since Mum will be here, she just might whip up some of her famous shortbread cookies to package up for sale! It's quite a fun undertaking .... but leaves little time for utility room painting right now!

The cabinets are full of various and sundry things that might go in a garage if we had one. Hand tools and automotive odds and sorts! Garden paraphernalia, and electrical bits and pieces. Seasonal toys and even an extra blow up bed. I had an idea to use my paint pen to write the French words for each category of items on the doors just for the fun of it and to help the children with their French! We'll see.

The best part is that we now have our sun room back and we have a utility room that is tidy and handy. We are also thanking God for His provision in the timing of this project, since while we were working away, we noticed moisture under the water softener - which lead to a little investigation, the result of which is a new pressure gauge for the well tank.
It could have gone on for weeks unnoticed if we had not been clearing everything out to work in there - which could have been quite a mess!

I kind of like it when things go suspiciously well ... it's quite a novelty for us!


  1. Your cabinets look fantastic! I'm so excited for you about the craft fair! I hope it goes well and you all have fun together.

    What a great story about the wedding flowers and the wheel barrow! :)

  2. Wow! They look great hanging up there. Oh, it's so nice to have extra storage space like that, especially when it comes in the form of cabinets instead of shelving.


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