Thursday, October 2, 2008

Painting Advice?

Do you ever have God answer prayer ... but then you are not sure just what to do with His answer? I'm there. I've been praying for some used cabinets for our furnace room/storage area. Since we don't have a basement or garage, everything lands there! It is a huge mess and when we do tidy up, it never stays tidy!

Well, about 10 months ago I asked a few contractors we know to keep an eye for some cabinets to recycle, and I've been to the Habitiat for Humanity Re-Store a dozen times looking too. Tuesday, one of our contractor friends called and asked if we still needed cabinets - and he brought over these!

They are laying on their sides - sorry!

They are very plain, lightweight and a tad on the ugly side - but they will hold stuff! I think they need a good cleaning and some paint, and that's where the problem begins. We brought them into our very small sunroom and I have vacuumed off the spiders, but that's about all. I was wondering if a good coat of Old English would make them livable for now. Hoping!

For those of you with painting experience, I need advice. Do I try to paint them before we hang them, or after?

And of course - what color???? White? Cream? Black? Brown? The room is Sherwin Williams Rambling Rose - an 'oops' choice that we had on hand and used because it was free! It is dark in a room where there is just one tiny window tucked behind the furnace which is in the middle of the room! Most impractical and rather hard to work around!

So - in a word, HELP!!!! You all have so much more experience than I do, please share your wisdom with me! Thanks so much!

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  1. White could be pretty with that rose -- you could do some type of victorian style. Thanks for sharing can't wait to see what you do. Much Love


  2. I would hang them up, then put tape on the walls and paint them. I would use white. Hiope this helps.

  3. You'll want to paint those a nice light color so the light that you do have in there will reflect off the cabinets. Since the pink is such a strong color, a white would look really nice. I think I would choose a shade of white that has just a hint of pink undertones, so it's not such a stark contrast against the dark walls.

  4. I think I have to agreee with the others..white would look really nice against the walls. Don't forget to let us see when you nice to have them given to you!!


  5. Another vote for white! I would choose a white that was more like an antique white...that way it's not stark white. I would imagine that they would be easier to paint if you painted them before hanging them. I've never painted cabinets, but I have refinished beds and tables. I'd prob remove the doors and drawers beforehand, that way I could get into all the cracks well. I'm not sure what kind of finish is on them now, but I'd sand them down, then prime them, let that dry for a couple days, then paint, and let that dry for a couple days before trying to hang them. I always let things hang out for a couple days after painting them so I know they are good and dry. I hate to get impatient and then make a dent/scratch in the paint. I'm definitely not a professional (haha!). This is just what I'd probably do myself! Have fun...can't wait to see the final product!!


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