Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Out of the house ...

With the children being sick with colds for so long, we haven't been out of the house much at all. A touch of cabin fever is setting in! We went to church on Sunday, and that was the first time we had been there as a whole family in three weeks! The children were feeling better and we felt very blessed to be worshiping together, but by Sunday night they were back to being stuffed up and cranky! I would say they have a fresh dose of cold, but it almost seems like it never left them! Monday afternoon, The Historian came home from work with the flu. He had a rough go of it, but was thankfully back to work today and feeling much better - about 80% he said. I was sorry that he got so very sick, but it was nice to have him home and be able to bring him comfort and care since he is always the one to look after the children and me. We're just hoping he didn't share the germs! We're going to stock up on gingerale and crackers just in case!

Today, the children and I listened for the first time to the first part of 'Little Women' on c.d. - one of Focus on the Family's excellent radio dramas! The children loved it! So did I! It gave us a lot of opportunity for discussion and brought up some excellent History questions. We listened as we drove in the van to pick up a piece of fabric that was an answer to prayer! I'm so glad that our God is a God of small details and perfect timing!

I originally bought the fabric 2 years ago and recently cut it out for window treatments - only to find that I was miscalculating and just one yard short for the piping! I tried to match some ready made piping only to realize that it would cost me more than $80 on sale to get the amount I needed. I was so blessed to be able to get another yard for $12.98, and hopefully I will be able to finish this valance project this weekend. It was well worth the drive, and I had the privilege of taking our children 'out for lunch' which was a real treat for all of us. It would have been nicer if they were totally well, but we made the best of it, as usual. We did dig into some schoolwork when we came home, but they were both pretty stuffed up and unable to concentrate. I hope tomorrow will be more productive, school wise! It's so hard to work with 'splitting' headaches, and from what I have heard, that is just part of this bug. Last week, more than 150 children were sent home sick from one of our area schools, so I guess this is just a bad seasonal illness in our area. We are blessed to be home and able to push through when they are feeling reasonably well, and catch up when they are just too unwell to make it worthwhile. We continue to push fluids, rest and healthy foods - so I'm sure they will be better soon!

I was also blessed to be able to go to the ladies Bible Study tonight. We kept the children home from AWANA again since they need their rest, but I went ahead since the Historian was able to be home with the children. I am woefully behind in my homework, which is terrible, I know! I still received a blessing from the evening and was reminded of a powerful passage of Scripture that touched my heart again. The ladies at Bible study were so wonderfully welcoming and blessed my heart with their gracious concern. It is such an honor to be apart of the family of God!

For the last few weeks I have been searching for my Bible - I feel like I am missing an appendage! I was given the Bible 7 or 8 years ago, but stubbornly hung on to my older 'falling apart' Bible because it was so familiar! It wasn't until I accidentally dropped the old Bible in a snowbank and lost Hebrews, James and John that I finally retired the old and began to use my 'new' one! I am just breaking this one in after 3 years, and I really miss it! I've been praying about where it could be, but so far it hasn't turned up. It's a small thing, I know, but there are precious notes from the children and my own scribbles as God has moved my heart through His Word, so I do hope to find it soon. I'm using another Bible of course, but it just isn't the same! Do you get this attached to your Bible? I hope so!

I need to get some rest now, but I wanted to catch up with the latest here since I haven't had much to say lately! I'd better start doing something a bit more exciting in my day to day life so that I can share it here! Just now though, taking care of getting these children completely well again is our first order of business!


  1. Hope the kids are feeling better today! I just hate those never ending colds, but thankfully they are home with you and can get some good cuddling in to make it better!


  2. I'm glad you got out, and that you got the material you needed! I'm sorry the kids have been so ill!

  3. I hope everyone is feeling better soon! Benjamin's worse symptom was a splitting headache, but he's feeling much better today! I'm glad you were able to get the rest of the material, I can't wait to see the finished valance!

  4. I am so sorry to hear you too are "under the weather" Heather.
    We trust that the bug will be short lived, and the children and husband will minister to you for a few days.


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