Sunday, February 17, 2008

Seeing Stars!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day! 40 F and very sunny! The children played outside for hours after swimming lessons and lunch! I decided to strip all the beds, wash everything and hang the quilts out on the line. When I went out with the second load, the warmth of the sun had made the ice on our back patio cement quite smooth and very slick, but I was rushing about, playing at my early spring cleaning and didn't think about it! One minute I was up - the next, I was down - flat on my back on the ice. Ouch! I went down pretty hard and have the aches and pains to prove it! I was literally seeing stars and I even have a small goose-egg on the back of my head. I thought I had put another crack in the cement! The Historian was outside with me and helped to pick me up, but I've been moving tenderly ever since!

The bedding was almost dry when we brought it in and dried the rest of the way draped here and there in the warm house - everything smells wonderful. Dreamer had two quits in the wash, so her room smelled especially fresh! I love the smells of springtime! In our kitchen we are really enjoying the scent of the hyacinths in the bulb garden I received for my birthday - it is so wonderfully fragrant!

I am home from church since our pews are less than comfortable on a good day - torture racks when my body is aching all over! I am enjoying the solitude, but can't do much. It hurts to sit, stand or lay down, but I have to stretch out these achy muscles, so I'll just keep moving along - slowly! It will be quite a day of rest - and hopefully by tomorrow, I'll be greatly improved!


  1. Bunky says:
    As I read your blog, tears streamed
    down my face for you....those of us who experience severe pain from time to time can fairly feel the pain you are enduring and we hurt with you, sweet girlie.
    I promise to keep lifting you up to Someone else Who knows full well the meaning of a body racked
    with pain. May He bless you with
    His tender touch and His peace.
    1 Corth. 12:26a

  2. Oh I know that had to hurt, I fell last week ...almost the same circumstance, and I am telling ya it really was just the worst pain!
    Oh I pray you heal soon! I bet that sunshine and sense of spring was wonderful despite the mishap...
    The smell when you bring things in from the line is just the best.


  3. sorry about the fall -- that is no fun. the quilts sounds like they smell so lovely! And hyacinths too! Can't wait for spring.

  4. Oh, that is awful, Heather! I will pray that you get a good night's rest and heal up quickly. Sending gentle (((hugs))).

  5. Ouch! Hope your aches and pains go away very soon.


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