Monday, February 4, 2008

Keep praying please!

I just thought I'd give you an update on Elysha, since she has been on our hearts and minds a great deal lately. Her little family is back home after a month long hospital stay.

Her is what her Daddy has written:

It is SO good to be home and although we are kept very busy with pumping, feeding (bottle & ng-tube), giving medications (incl. by needle), wound & illiostomy care, home nurse visits (twice a week) and all the other ’normal’ baby care tasks... Katherine certainly takes the brunt of the work since Richard has return to full time this past week, but the old line "sleep while she’s sleeping" really works (when possible).

Tuesday was a trip to Sick Kids for a heart and dietitian follow-up. The results were all good. Her oxygen is good, she’s gaining weight, her colour is good...and the medical staff were happy to let us go home again! The overnight bags that Katherine had packed got to stay in the van. :)

Wednesday was a follow-up with our local paediatrician. Again, things are progressing in the right direction. He again insisted that we don’t take Elysha to public places nor near children since even the slightest cold will land her right back in we will make adjustments for that again. In light of our alternatives (i.e. being in the hospital 24/7) having to ’stay at home’ isn’t really so bad...we have MUCH to be thankful for.

Isn't she the sweetest? She is three months and 1 week old, and already has spent more time in the hospital than most people do in a lifetime. She has people all over the world praying for her and for her family, and God is using her little life to draw many closer to Himself. It is a privilege to be partners together with a family we have never met as we pray for their blessing. Would you like to pray too?

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  1. What a precious little girl! i'm so glad the Lord has answered many prayers, and I do pray that her healing and growth continue.


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