Saturday, February 9, 2008

Spit Down, Found Treasure & Sew Crazy stuff!

On Thursday, I awakened with the children's cold! You'd think with all of the excellent nutritional supplements, herbs, echinacea, and healthy food I eat, I would be immune - but I guess my body decided to 'join the party'! Such is the life of a Mommy! This morning though, we have another concern - our Storyteller awakened with flu symptoms and is laying in bed! Unheard of! For some reason, he has always had his own funny terms for his bodily functions - for him an upset tummy is accompanied by 'spit downs' - and he is all prepared, bucket at his side. He nibbled some crystallized ginger and that seems to have settled him a bit, but I guess swimming lessons are a wash for this week too!

On a happy note - my Bible has been found at last! Definitely an answer to prayer! It seems when we were having our transmission difficulty, it got lost in the trunk of the Historian's little car - not a place I would have ever thought to look! I am so happy to have it back - I'm even contemplating making a new cover for it, with some left over brown and cream toile! Mrs. M was quite gracious and gave me the leftover yardage!

And speaking of sewing projects - I've got myself in a pickle to be sure! I have taken on some big sewing projects in the past, to be sure! I once made the black curtains for a theater by myself and that involved over 100 meters of fabric and two weeks of sewing 8-5! I was never so bored and sure I would be blind by the end of the project! In my dorm room in college I sewed countless 'choir dresses' for the college girls and even a wedding dress! I also made 5 navy blue cotton velvet Victorian bridesmaid dresses once - my poor roommate had to put up with blue fluff for a month! My craziest sewing project was for a bed and breakfast and it was ruffled muslin curtains just like these - boy where those fun! I bought a ruffler foot for my machine and made over 2000 yards of 6" ruffles! We bought the muslin by the bolt and I thought that project would never end! My most expensive project involved floor to ceiling wide silk stripe curtains for a hotel lobby - the fabric was over $25 a yard and the ceilings were 12 feet high! I was never so nervous to cut into cloth!

My current project isn't quite so bad - but since it is for me, and not someone else, I am almost tempted to quit! I don't know why I picked this pattern (view C in yellow) , or why I cut it out without going over the directions first, but I am beginning to regret it! I am having to adjust for the sizes of my windows - one is 72", one is 62" and 2 are 30", so all in all, I am making 11 'swags' - and each one is pleated separately from the lining - 7 pleats on each side! Ahhhhh! The worst part is - the pleats are sewn together and must match up!!!!! Double Ahhhhh! I have used the fabric I bought this week - which was such a blessing - to make the piping. Now I have no excuse not to finish these silly valances! Onwards and upwards! I'll just have to make the best of it!

We were planning to celebrate my birthday tomorrow (a little early) with a fun 'date', but I think we'll put it off for another week - maybe by than we will all be healthy! I don't mind one bit - I really don't need to get any older! Just wiser! We were supposed to have some lovely surprise (to me) company later today - my Dad and Mum were willing to come all this way just to be with us over my birthday, but plans have changed! They are having some car trouble, expect a severe winter storm, have been asked to watch their neighbour's house while they are away, and quite frankly - they don't want our germs any more than we want to share them!!!!!

The Historian is working this morning to make up for the days he missed this week with the flu bug, so I need to go and take care of our sick boy, and get to a bit of cleaning and laundry - I'm sure they'll be more later - though he is pretty good at hitting the pail or getting to the bathroom! I hope to run out later after the Historian gets home to get some groceries and one much needed sewing notion! We'll see! I do hope your weekend plans are more interesting than ours!


  1. I hope you have a special birthday despite the changed plans and added sickness!!

    Wow, I'm impressed with all that sewing! I've never attempted anything that ambitious!! What huge projects some of those were!

  2. Benjamin was sick on my birthday too. :0( I will pray everyone feels better soon and you are able to have a wonderful celebration together!

  3. Thank you both - we are really hoping to all be well - it has been a bit of a long haul! One thing after another! I'm looking forward to enjoying a quiet family birthday - and next weekend when we are all healthy - Lord willing - we'll do something fun!


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