Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blogging Fodder

I just realized that it has been more than a week since I added anything to my blog! Our children have been suffering from colds for ten days now, but are on the mend, thankfully. Since we don't believe in sharing germs, we have been staying close to home - and thus, there has not been much to blog about! We actually lost 4 days of school last week - usually we just push through, but this cold has been accompanied by lots of sinus discomfort and headaches, so concentrating on school work was futile. That, and the fact that bending over books just made noses run all the more - we really need to look for a great sale on tissues!

Thankfully they are doing much better, but we have missed piano, AWANA ( and thus Bible Study for me), ballet, swimming lessons, Sunday School and church. We have ventured forth to grocery shop once, but other than that - home sweet home! The children have been reading and playing - and this week we are back to our regular school schedule. Hopefully we will resume the extra activities this weekend, but we are just waiting until they are healthy. We think so often parents take children out too soon after illness and extend the time of sickness, or pass it along to others! We're trying to be selfish with these germs - they are nasty!

Since we have been home more, I have been tidying up closets and sorting through stuff. Not so much fun, but it needs to be done - again! I have decided that spring is not going to catch me be surprise again this year! The last two years, I have started my 'spring house cleaning', only to be interrupted by sunshine and warm weather much sooner that I am used to. As soon as the warm weather begins we are outside from breakfast to supper time. We do our school work on the patio, take long walks, play in the garden, visit our many local parks and generally neglect the house terribly! This year I am hoping to have it cleaned before the warm weather hits! I have great motivation because we are having some very special company coming the second week of March!!!

My sister K and her three boys, accompanied by Mum, are coming for a visit during their March school break! K and the boys have never been to our home, so we are really excited! K hopes to do some U.S. shopping and we are planning to visit a few of our local places of interest. I think we will all have a great time! The children are so looking forward to spending time with their cousins! It's going to be quite a houseful, but thankfully we have a place for everyone to sleep and lots of room at the table! So, I have good reason to get the house tidied - but our Historian says that we go through this every spring anyway! The poor man! Always a long list of projects to be attended to! I guess after all these years, he is used to my spring restlessness!

It helps ( maybe not) that the GARDENING CATALOGS and trickling in at a rate of 3 a week! I have been drooling over raspberry canes and apple trees - lovely new flowers and burpless cucumbers! You would think I was planning to plant an orchard and a large market garden! I love to dream about planting, but the reality is that I have to keep things simple. It is hard when I am feeling so much better not to go overboard!

I did get to the doctor on Monday and was a bit disappointed with my bloodwork. My liver enzymes are not down, my blood sugar is up, my thyroid function is down and my cholesterol is up. I was hoping for better results - especially with the Mannatech. The thing is that this batch of bloodwork was taken shortly after my vein surgery and I just think that the stress on my body perhaps made a negative impact. We'll see what my numbers are in 6 weeks when I go back. I am feeling pretty well over all - I could use some more energy( who couldn't), but I am not in any pain! I am so thankful.

Another thing I am so wonderfully thankful for is my friendship with Mrs. M. She has been such a blessing lately! A week ago Monday morning, after The Historian made his monthly 'run' for grapefruit and oranges straight from Florida, and right off the back of the truck, I was blessed with the gift of time with a friend. While the Historian taught World History to the children, I actually went over to Mrs. M's home for tour of her new house and out for lunch! It was too much fun and our time together went by far too quickly.

Mrs. M and I met when The Dreamer began taking piano lessons with her each week shortly after our move to the U.S.. She is a pastor's wife with a wonder gift for teaching piano, and an amazing gift for making her home comfortable and gorgeous, on a tight budget! She stopped teaching piano last March in order to take a God directed job, which has provided their family with much needed medical coverage, so we have really missed our weekly visits to her home. They have since moved out of the parsonage into their own home - an older 'fixer-upper'. She and her hardworking husband have just made it so beautiful - and she has the before pictures to prove it! The former home owners wouldn't even recognize it. She has recycled everything from their old home and just made it so lovely - I would love to have her gift for accessorizing!

It was just so nice to spend time together - to laugh and talk, and share. Friendship is such a blessed gift from God! While I was at her home, she mentioned needing to recover a quaint old rocking chair that she picked up for $7! I volunteered to help with the project. She found some rich chocolate Toile fabric from Waverly and we have made a good start. On Tuesday evening she brought the chair over and we stripped it down. The padding and burlap were ancient. We had to tighten the framing a bit and used lots of wood glue! Old English really made a difference in the exposed wood - amazing stuff! We have the strapping replaced and put on fresh decking fabric - now it is time for padding, a muslin cover ( I like to use 'rain no stain' curtain lining rather than muslin since it repels water stains and doesn't smell 'funny' in humid weather), and the final fabric! I think it is going to be beautiful! We hope to get it finished tonight, but we'll see. So far, it has gone really well and we have had loads of fun doing it together.

Last night I made a roman shade to cover the window in the door of our Grammy Flat. I wanted something that would not hinder the view during the day since it is the only eye level window in the room. It went together easily but the pulley mechanism isn't as smoothly functioning as I had hoped. I looked on the package and I have the wrong gauge of cording for the pulley - fiddlesticks! I'll have to get a finer cording or a new pulley - whichever is cheapest. I'll know for next time to be careful to match up the sizes! I used the same fabric that the Grammy Flat curtains are made of - a Waverly floral that I still love after all these years - Ladies Day Vintage. This is the third home I have used these curtains in - 'recycling' at it's finest! I have more to make panels for the french doors that lead to the Grammy Flat when we get them stained and back up - hopefully soon! We need some warm days for that kind of smelly work!

I guess that's about all for now! I am really needing to get to work with The Storyteller and The Dreamer needs to get her Switched on Schoolhouse done now - she needs the computer for that! I'll try to be a better blogger, but since The Historian is doing his course in the evenings online and I'm really enjoying getting at some sewing projects, you'll just have to forgive me for being such an inconsistent blogger!


  1. Oh just glad to hear everything is ok!! Sometimes the time just slips by when the little ones are sick, I always am so thankful to be home schooling when they are not feeling well, an advantage for sure! I will say a quick prayer for some energy filled days for you!


  2. I really wish there were more parents like you when it comes to taking their sick children out. I don't want to sound harsh but I think it is both irresponsible and selfish to bring children out when they're sick. I take the same view as you do about bringing SweetPea out when she is sick. I've also had to avoid going some places because parents have brought their sick children there and I don't want my daughter sick.

    I am glad you all are starting on the mend again though =). I hope your next tests give much better results.

    I hope you have a great visit with your sister and nephews. It sounds like it will be a houseful but I also remember you saying how much your children enjoy their cousins.

    Well, before this comment turns into a blog entry on it's own I should close off.

  3. Kelly - you're right - time does just slip by when we are busy keeping everyone hydrated and happy! Thank you for praying for us! We have been very content for the most part and all getting on well, except for a few bad moments, naturally.

    Nancy - I try really hard not to be paranoid, but find a balance between making sure we don't share our germs and not missing too many activities. I certainly believe in prayer and hand washing - lots of both seems to keep us from the really bad bugs! I'm glad you're taking such tender care of your sweet girl - isn't there a birthday around this time for her?


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