Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pleating Complete

One window down, only three windows to go! When they are all up, I will get out the steamer and smooth them out. Do you think I need to iron the pleats down crisply or leave them soft and billowy? The fabric is a thick cotton jacquard and the piping is a bit stiff. I wish the white lining didn't show as much, but I couldn't find a co-ordinate that was lightweight, came in 54" width, and was inexpensive. I buy 'rain no stain' lining by the bolt when it is on sale - if I'm sewing curtains, that is! It works, I guess. The Dreamer loves this pattern and wishes she had picked it for her bedroom! It's a bit formal for a young girl's room, but I think she was just trying to compliment the anxious seamstress! Now, back to the sewing machine *groan* .....


  1. I think your lining is perfect. It blends into the bright outdoor sunlight, and it also blends into your white windows. I don't think you could have chosen anything better. Good job! They look wonderful!

  2. I am just amazed at this work, I cannot imagine all the deatail and work that this must be. I myself received a sewing machine for Christmas from my dear husband and I am yet to get a pillowcase perfected. I can only hope and pray to someday do a job like this, it is just amazing.


  3. Those valences are beautiful!!! Great work! I have ***a*** valance that I need to do for my living room,and it doesn't look nearly as hard as yours. I need to get to it! :)

  4. Great job honey.

    Looking out the window leads me to think yoou were able to do the "snow" science segment at school.

    Looks like home.

  5. You did such a beautiful job!!! I've never attempted curtains -- I guess I'm kind of scared of them.


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